Zodiac and tan: the signs that love being in the sun


During the summer, each zodiac sign lives life differently, sometimes with extreme happiness, awakening from torpor and reacting with energy and enthusiasm, others with a little melancholy and, sometimes, nervousness. Let’s find out the link between horoscope and this season.

  • Aries, the most dreamy of the signs
  • Taurus, strength is its virtue
  • Gemini, the lunatic of the zodiac signs
  • Cancer, the king of passion and romance
  • Leone, the protagonist of the summer
  • Virgo, between happiness and melancholy
  • Libra, the most thoughtful of signs
  • Scorpio, a moody fire sign
  • Sagittarius, the traveler
  • Capricorn, the earth sign who loves the sea
  • Aquarius, a summer driven by enthusiasm
  • Pisces, the most sun-loving of the water signs

The summer horoscope always arouses a lot of curiosity: having the favorable planets during the funniest time of the year is the dream of anyone who is passionate about the zodiac!

Each sign experiences the current season differently, with different feelings and behaviors and it seems that some react with much more enthusiasm to the scorching sun, the scent of salt, late sunset and fresh cocktails. Yes, summer does not seem to be able to agree on its beauty and joy, but even in some cases it makes people more nervous and irascible, or sad. Sounds strange, right?

Let’s find out more about the relationship between this season and the zodiac signs, we’ll see and discover some good ones!

Aries, the most dreamy of the signs

L’Aries, flaming and dreamy sign, try a love unconditional, deep and passionate for the summer. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the ram perceives this season as a magical moment of rebirth. He wants to take advantage of the liveliness that circulates in the air to throw himself headlong into new projects, new journeys, new experiences and why not … In new loves!

Zodiac signs_Aries

Taurus, strength is its virtue

The Taurus can’t stand the heat and therefore risks not being able to release all the magical strength and energy that characterizes it. His slightly nostalgic character makes him especially love theAutumn, the season in which the leaves fall and nature is transformed by turning towards warm colors. For this reason, moments of boredom, disappointment, sadness and apathy are quite frequent for the sign in question.

Zodiac signs_Toro

Gemini, the lunatic of the zodiac signs

The sign of Gemini he is known for being particularly moody (after all he is kissed by the Moon) and for having many mood swings which, at times, make him unbearable for those around him.

Its being full of energy and ideas, the desire to always look for new stimuli, leads him to want to confront himself with new realities. The Gemini in this season he feels the desire to get out of his comfort zone, but also to have fun. And days in the sun seem to be great moments joy for him!

Zodiac signs_Gemini

Cancer, the king of passion and romance

The Cancer it is a very sign passionate is romantic, for this reason, although he loves being in the sun, he prefers above all to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Maybe next to his sweetheart or the flirt of the moment. Nothing wins his heart like the magic of golden hour!

Zodiac signs_Cancer

Leone, the protagonist of the summer

The Lion, king of the fire signs, is definitely the protagonist of this season. He loves being the center of attention, walking on the beach making the people who are in his company look and have fun.

However, there is also a downside to take into account: the scorching sun and high temperatures can make it short-tempered is impulsive. It is important to be able to be reflective when needed!

Zodiac signs_Leo

Virgo, between happiness and melancholy

Although the Virgo you love to tan and spend whole days experiencing unforgettable moments of relaxation under the sun, it is also true that this sign is more inclined to the autumn-winter seasons, in the cool that caresses the face, to wear soft and warm fabrics, to drink a cup of tea instead of a mojito. However, he can take advantage of his passion for sunbathing to have fun and show off your best!

Zodiac signs_Virgin

Libra, the most thoughtful of signs

The sign of the Weight scale he is very thoughtful and balanced, but underneath he does not disdain admiring glances. Although he doesn’t like chaos, during the summer he loves it enjoy the season between screaming tan, fun evenings, aperitifs and moonlight dances.

Zodiac signs_ Libra

Scorpio, a moody fire sign

The Scorpio is another fire sign that, like Leo, may have mood swings not pleasant to bear. Although during the summer “reborn“After the hibernation of winter, loving to spend hours in the sun and enjoying life in the open air, the heat could give him head and get nervous.

Zodiac signs_Scorpio

Sagittarius, the traveler

The Sagittarius, loves the summer and the tan, but especially if it is travelling in a distant destination. He can’t sit still and lives his life one plane ticket at a time, in search of new cultures, new scents, new flavors and new faces. The energy it emanates is contagious!

Zodiac signs_Sagittarius

Capricorn, the earth sign who loves the sea

The Capricorn, despite being a earth sign, feels the irresistible call of the beach. She would spend the whole summer in the water, getting a tan while her skin glows, illuminated by the sparkle of the waves sea.

Zodiac signs_Capricorn

Aquarius, a summer driven by enthusiasm

L’Aquarius is one of the most zodiac signs cheerful, dreamers is enterprising. For this reason, in addition to experiencing the sun and the sea as moments of pure relaxation, he also wants to have fun and live new experiences, meet new people and carry out new activities.

Zodiac signs_Aquarius

Pisces, the most sun-loving of the water signs

The sign of the Fishes he madly loves summer, a season in which he manages to give his best, facing it with positivity, energy and the desire to live to the fullest. THE Sun rays they do it shine even more in all his happiness, becoming a point of reference for those around him, because his cheerfulness and his liveliness are contagious.

Zodiac signs_Pisces

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