Zara’s striped sweater that clones (for much less) Victoria Beckham’s favorite model from her latest collection


We recently told you that striped sweaters are ours favorite knitting trend, with the permission of the vests, the seasonal revelation garment, and knitted dresses, a full-fledged winter staple.

It turns out that Victoria Beckham agrees with us (rather, we with her), and a few days ago she boasted on Instagram of a lovely multicolored sweater with shiny fabric perfect for flared jeans so 70’s that come to conquer our wardrobe.

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Zara, which constantly tracks insights to make micro-collections that respond to the wishes of its consumers when they are not even aware of having them, has surprised us with its new collection with a near perfect clone of VB’s jersey.

The Lurex Striped Jumper from the former Spice Girl firm costs 600 euros and is out of stock in all sizes except L and XL. It also has a matching skirt (for 550 euros). Zara has captured the festive air, the colors and, above all, the fabric (the lurex returns with force to our lives) and offers this perfect clone:

Zara's new collection sweater that is a perfect clone of another from Victoria Beckham's signature.

Zara’s new collection sweater that is a perfect clone of another from Victoria Beckham’s signature.

Cost 22.95 euros, is already out of stock in size L (If you like it, do not give it too many laps) and it has an ‘almost’ perkins neck that works better for us than the VB round one – not to amend the flat to our favorite posh-. What do you think, do you sign up for the metallic rainbow?

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