Zara’s spring outfit that all your friends will think is from Chanel


In 1954 Coco Chanel launched her famous tweed suit‘. White, with black trims and a jacket with pockets, they say that Mademoiselle created it as a response to the Dior ‘new look’ silhouette that reigned since 1947. Since then, the catwalk and ‘street style’ have reinterpreted (and imitated) this I brought a thousand and one times, but it was in the spring of 2019, 55 years later, when Zara has put on sale the best ‘low cost’ clone of this iconic garment of the ‘maison’, perhaps to stand up to the invasion of neons and cycling pants that ‘fast fashion’ is trying to impose on us this season.

It is true that we do not stop finding in the lookbooks of the ‘low cost’ firms, season after season, inspirations from very recognizable big brands. We repeat ad nauseam that “* such a signature * cheap version copy the dress …”, but this time, Zara has touched clone perfection with this two-piece which seems to have been created in the atelier of 31, Rue Cambon and not in a polygon of Arteixo.

The Zara suit that copies the iconic two pieces of Chanel

The Zara suit that copies the iconic two pieces of Chanel

And is that if there is a jewel that we are not going to miss in the new Zara collection, it is this white tweed suit that reinterprets Chanel’s famous ‘dress’ with pockets and black pipingIt incorporates a Peter Pan maxi collar and combines it with a skirt (somewhat shorter than the original) that you will not stop taking advantage of from now on, until winter begins.

The Zara suit that copies the iconic two pieces of Chanel

The Zara suit that copies the iconic two pieces of Chanel

Yes indeed, a similar suit from Chanel’s new SS2019 collection is close to 7,000 euros in boutiques (just over 4,000 euros for a jacket, and almost 3,000 euros for a skirt), while in Zara, saving the (abysmal) distances, the two pieces does not reach 100 euros: € 69.95 for the jacket and 29.95 euros for the skirt.

In & egrave; s de la Fressange, in one of Chanel's campaigns from the 1980s

Inès de la Fressange, in one of the Chanel campaigns of the ’80s

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