Zara’s most impressive flower dress is this one that rejuvenates at 50 and has been sold out in hours


If this H&M floral dress that is sweeping you seems too light and you prefer something more colorful and striking, welcome, because we have a new option with which to become the best dressed of the summer. And yes, we have discovered it thanks to
Carmen Gimeno. The influencer of more than 50, who a few days ago we fell in love with this midi skirt from Zara so ideal, has looked on her Instagram profile
a floral dress from the new collection From the giant Inidtex special edition which is a blast.

Surely you already know, but Carmen Gimeno always makes it clear that simple looks are not going for her at all and that she prefers to bet on
colorful garments with eye-catching prints. In addition, it is not confirmed with just one and usually combines several of the style both in summer and winter. Well, in her latest look she has discovered us
a Zara dress that we could already place among one of the best sellers of the moment.

Carmen Gimeno in a floral dress from Zara. / @Carmen_Gimeno

It’s about a
long knitted dress which is characterized by a straight design with
slightly flared skirt, round neck and armhole sleeves. A simple cut suitable for all silhouettes that is accompanied by a striking XL floral pattern in pink, red and green. Ideal!
It costs 39.95 euros and its sizes S, M and L are already completely sold out.


It has just arrived at the store and in a few hours it has already disappeared from the online store. The good news? Because it is one of the brand’s novelties, the chances of finding it in the store are very high and it is very likely that it will be replaced on the web. At the moment, you can go signing as Carmen has combined it, who has added a
green blazer for the nights when I’m cool and some
flat sandals.

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