Zara’s January sales: the viral trick to know before anyone else which clothes will be discounted


With the beginning of the year they also begin The sales, which this year we have seen how Mango, Sfera or H&M were ahead. However, our favorites, Zara’s, will still take a couple of days to reveal what part of your collection goes to the discount section. But admit it, you, like us, already have a good selection of signed garments waiting for them to become the bargains we all expect. How to know before anyone else? With this trick that has already gone viral in networks and that, added to these others, will help you win the sales of this January slope.

Every season in the sales, the same story: you prepare your cart with all the illusion, waiting for the final bill to be reduced by almost half as the sales begin and, when you go shopping, a jug of cold water. Your size has been sold out in almost everything (someone explain to us how people are so fast if we always have our homework done in advance) and, as if that were not enough, 80% of your crushes turn out to be from a new collection (Ha!) And have no discount. For the first we have no remedy, but the second we do, and too easy. Aim.

Share this trick with your friends, as La Vecina Rubia already says that

Share this trick with your friends, that La Vecina Rubia already says that “sharing is beautiful”

It turns out that Spain is lagging behind when it comes to hanging the sale sign and in other countries, Zara starts its discounts as the new year begins. So nothing like entering the online stores of those countries (Portugal, for example) to get an idea of ​​which garments will pass the cut of the sales and with which it is better not to get our hopes up. It is as simple as, upon entering, choose that region and make our wish list based on the discounts applied. The best thing is that you go writing down the references of your favorites for later, when you return to the Spanish version, it will be much easier and faster to search everything. Yes, do not trust the final prices, which vary from one market to anotherJust look at whether or not what you want is discounted and by what percentage.

Also, you can also do this trick changing the settings of your mobile application, as explained in this Stories by the Instagrammer and ‘zarera’ of pro @Soyainhhoa:

And now that you know it, tell this trick to your friends, which La Vecina Rubia already says: “sharing is beautiful”.

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