Zara’s best-selling look is this set of vichy squares that Marta Hazas has worn on television and with which she has swept


Confirmed, confirmed. The vichy plaid They are the star print of the season and we have no doubt about it after seeing this look by Marta Hazas. The actress went to ‘El Hormiguero’ with one of our favorite Zara gingham sets and has done so with the best-selling midi skirt and top from the Inditex giant. Neither the Zara Kids dancers nor this Primark outfit have surpassed this gingham look that the presenter has worn.

We are talking about a set in blue and white from Zara that is made up of a asymmetric neckline bodice and design draped on one side, which costs 29.95 euros and what has your matching skirt. A midi design with a side opening and also draped that you can buy for 29.95 euros.

The Zara outfit.

The Zara outfit.

In short, a style that stylist Montse Nieto described as a hypercombinable look. “Vichy is the trend of the season, it is made up of a blouse and skirt that Together they look like a glove, but you can also put it on separately. The blouse with a white or blue jean is spectacular and the skirt with a white, light blue or even a strong color or stripes for the most daring “, he explained.

Wonders' comfortable heels.

The comfortable heel shoes from Wonders.

Marta combined it with some comfortable slingback heels in white color of Wonders (89.90 euros). “I love them, I’m a big fan of this type of shoe, because they are very stylish and very comfortable,” explained Montse. And completed the outfit with some pending red in the shape of a circle Bemeknes that “bring light, energy and a lot of strength to this look so subtle.”

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