Your butt is studded with red dots, hateful bubbles that don’t seem to go away. Yes, it is acne of the buttocks and it disfigures your skin. To get rid of them quickly, you have to do one thing above all. Try


Acne is a thorny subject. And it is even more prickly if the acne is localized on the buttocks. We hate to death those horrendous bubbles that make us ashamed to put on costume but we keep them because we don’t know how to treat them. As we read in Elle, skin irritations of the buttocks are very annoying because in that area there is a rubbing of the clothes that cannot be avoided. And then even sitting for many hours certainly does not improve things. Do you think you are the only one with acne on the buttocks? Well, you are wrong: it is more common than you might imagine. But why does it come? American dermatologist David Lortscher explains it to Byrdie: “In the first place the causes are stress, lifestyle, nutrition, hormones. But then also the fabrics we wear: those who often wear sports bras or synthetic clothes are more at risk of acne and severe skin irritation ”. And he continues: “The causes of acne on the buttocks and back are very similar to those of cystic acne that occurs on the face and décolleté”. To feel better, therefore, it is good to prefer cotton and natural fabrics. Read on after the photo

Synthetic fabrics, in fact, make bacteria proliferate, cause glands to swell and pimples or, worse, acne appear. Therefore, those who often wear synthetic clothes, for example in the gym, have a higher chance of having this type of acne. So what should be done to avoid unsightly acne on the buttocks? The dermatologist’s advice is very simple but must be followed carefully. It is essential to always keep the area clean and dry. Nutrition is also essential: avoid fried foods and over-processed foods. Limit the use of drugs that contain hormones, which can alter the balance of the skin; use natural fabrics. Among the treatments to “ cure ”, the number one is certainly exfoliation. Read on after the photos

It works for acne of the face, back and buttocks. Dr. Lortscher suggests using gentle scrubs based on salicylic acid. “If you are not sure if a product clogs the pores, it is good to check it on the official cosDNA website, which explains in detail the various active ingredients”. I have very small spots on the buttocks, are those also acne? It is called acne inversa and it is skin irritation caused by sweating or having been in the same position (sitting) for too long. It then happens that small abscesses form in the skin which then turn into red spots or pimples. What to do? Contact the dermatologist who will suggest the best solution to each one. In the meantime, some home methods can be used. For example, an aspirin-based compress on the buttocks. Crush four or five tablets, mix them with a spoonful of warm water and a spoonful of honey or plain yogurt. Apply a thin layer on the buttocks and, when it is dry, remove with warm water. Alternatively, squeeze half a lemon on the pimples and rinse after 30 minutes. However, if you have open wounds, this method can be painful.

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