You won’t see more appealing fluorine looks than these: they’re in the new Bershka collection


The collection, the truth, is not wasted. Bershka their head has not been reeling too much to give a design twist to the garments, but they have bet everything on two impact factors: the color and the overlays. We tell you directly: this may be the most desirable Bershka collection of 2020. Because it is time to bet on elevating the tracksuit and because the fluorine colors are our passport to optimism during the winter. Take note of the first pink look: Bermuda shorts (25.99 euros) and matching cropped sweatshirt (29.99 euros), cleverly visible leggings (19.99 euros), feathers with detachable sleeves (39.99 euros) and multi-piece sneakers (35.99 euros). Not to take it off all weekend.

Fantastic bermuda overlay with zippered leggings.

Fantastic bermuda overlay with zippered leggings.

The truth is that Bershka has found a reef in the overlay of leggings and bermuda shorts: it looks great. And it allows us to continue pulling shorts beyond good temperatures. In this blue look, the leggings are spectacular: they are finished with a zipper at the bottom (19.99 euros). The jacket feather has a matching holographic print (39.99 euros) and the wool cap Fluor green breaks with the combination of blue and black in the set (7.99 euros).

Fantastic mix of orange and fluorescent green, with neoprene joggers.

Fantastic mix of orange and fluorine green, with neoprene joggers.

This look offers a bolder color combination, but with three absolutely basic pieces. The down jacket with the detachable sleeves that we already saw in pink (Bershka has also launched it in fluorine orange) it contrasts with a set of joggers in orange neoprene (22.99 euros) and a bodysuit of the same color with an open back (15.99 euros).

Total floral look for a brutal impact: the feathers have a great striped effect.

Total fluorine look for a brutal impact: the feathers have a great striped effect.

In the last look we have selected we insist on the Green fluor, with the same jogger pants that we already saw, but combined with a lenticular puffer jacket (45.99 euros), with a fantastic striped effect. It is a very dared, but combined with a black bodysuit (12.99 euros) with long sleeves (with strategic openings or whole) it works perfectly. We bet, above all, on looks monochromatic, in a reflective color block. They have the energy and light we need.

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