You need these cheap Primark flower slippers that will give a special touch to your summer looks


Primark has bet everything on flowers this season and has wanted to release a collection with different garments but with the same pattern. A selection of articles that is already succeeding a lot in the networks and of which we have stayed with the shoes. Carmen Lomana has already shown it, a look with sneakers is a rejuvenating look that looks good at any age and with this new model you will succeed for very little.

Vichy plaid is the pattern of the season, however, flowers are always a sure hit and they never go out of style. That is why the option of the flower slippers that has just been launched Primark We thought it was perfect since it is a way to add an original and sophisticated point to your looks with a wardrobe bottom garment to which you can get a lot out of it.

We talk about some white canvas and boot-style sneakers, with laces and rubber toe cap featuring a striking floral print in red and green tones for all footwear. An ideal design that you can buy for just 11 euros and that is perfect to add to basic looks like a black dress or an outfit of denim shorts and a white shirt. You do not need anything else!

Leave all the prominence to these sneakers that, in addition, are perfect for summer because of their cool, flexible and comfortable fabric. And if you dare with everything, you should know that there are several garments with that print and thus achieve a ‘total look’. There are even underwear!

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