You massage it for a few minutes on the hair and, little by little, those don’t grow back. The weirdest hair removal method we’ve heard so far (and hopefully it will work)


Summer is getting closer and closer, but we are already beginning to discover scraps of leather, hurray! Of course, we are happy that it is spring, the temperatures have risen and we can finally indulge in wearing our favorite light clothes. But every beautiful thing has its b (uncomfortable) side. In this case, it is the hair that, if in winter can be covered, in spring and summer not. But why didn’t I undergo a few sessions at the beautician to remove them permanently?, You ask yourself every time. When it is too late. It is a classic that happens to all of them. So what? So nothing, you have to resort to the usual methods: razor, waxing, electric epilator, depilatory cream and so on. Yes but what a pizza. Yeah, what a pizza. But being a woman also means fighting with so many superfluous things, see hair and cellulite. Yes, even that we would gladly do without. But it is certainly easier to remove hair than cellulite. If the usual methods have tired you and you want to try something more definitive, you can try this method suggested by the site. Curious but, according to what they say, effective. Read on after the photo

What is it about? It involves massaging a particular compound on the hairy areas for 5 minutes and then removing everything. It appears that the mixture in question removes i hairs and you greatly slow down its growth. Well, since you’ve tried them all, why not try this one too? We have not yet had the opportunity to test it but we will do it because we are curious and above all because, if it really works, it is an absolute turning point. What do we need? A small bowl, 2% iodine tincture and baby oil. Read on after the photo

The right proportion is one cup of baby oil to one teaspoon of iodine tincture. We proceed as follows: mix the two ingredients well, then the mixture is massaged for several minutes on the area where there are hairs to be removed; it is left on for 5 minutes and then cleaned with a damp cloth. It seems that this oily product blocks the growth of hair and makes them disappear slowly. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it really works! It would be a real bomb.

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