You do not have to wait for Zara’s Black Friday to find the most flattering dress of the season reduced at Special Prices (yes, it is almost sold out)


We have to admit that this year we are waiting for Black Friday with maximum enthusiasm. And, in this unfortunate 2020, any little joy (like a good discount) is celebrated as the jackpot of the lottery. However, although we have already booked our fashion, beauty or home favorites, there are purchases that do not need to be postponed Friday November 27 because they are already with incredible sales and because, in addition, we run the risk of selling out, as is the case with this ideal dress that we have found in Zara’s Special Prices.

If only a few days ago we signed a model worthy of Isabel Marant for less than 20 euros in the special prices section of Zara, this time we have fallen in love with a dress that is already one of the best sellers of the season at the Inditex flagship. And we are not surprised that it is already out of stock in all sizes (less in the XL), because it has one of the most flattering silhouettes that we’ve seen in a long time.

With a plunging V-neckline, the key to this Zara dress is the knot-shaped trim at the front, which creates a immediate slimming effect by refining the waist, concealing the tummy and slenderizing the hips. In addition, with its long mini, it makes us boast of sexy and longer legs. Another plus? Its fluid fabric and original white print on a black background.

This dress is off-road, because it serves us from morning to night, either with a cardigan or a blazer, even with a biker jacket, and it looks just as good with high boots as with heels, sneakers or ballerinas, or giving a touch of trend to the outfit. with track soled ankle boots and even daring with mountain boots, like Paula Echevarría. And yes, all these possibilities for 19.99 euros. Black Friday, why do I want you if I have the Zara Special Prices!

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