Yellow teeth, 5 unsuspected habits that spoil the smile


A dazzling smile. White. Brilliant. Spotless, perfect. It is everyone’s dream: men and women. Because yellow (or gray or dull or stained) teeth are a problem for men too. You have tried them all to recover the lost whiteness, all you need to do is professional whitening at the dentist but it is too expensive so you are putting off and putting off. A sparkling white smile is the calling card that boosts self-esteem and makes you feel good about yourself. But it’s not that easy to get it. Teeth naturally yellow: for example, as we age, the enamel layer thins. But there are factors that make things worse, for example the smoke revealing the dentin layer underneath. But there are many habits we have that only worsen the condition of our enamel. Are you curious to know what they are? If you want a dazzling and perfect smile, stop doing these things. Gradually your teeth will stop yellowing and you will finally have the teeth you have always wanted. Or almost … The first wrong habit that makes your teeth yellow is unsuspected. Read on after the photo

Did you know that using mouthwash too often causes your teeth to yellow? But how, we have always used it believing it is good for our mouth and instead… The reason is simple: the mouthwash is acidic and excessive use damages the enamel. Damn…
2. Consume sour fruit frequently. Fruit is good for you, you know. However, fruit contains citric acid which weakens the enamel layer on the teeth. So what to do? Stop consuming fruit? No, but be careful to rinse your mouth after consuming it yes …
3. Neglecting oral hygiene. If you are not at home for lunch, you are not required not to brush your teeth. Bring your brush, floss and toothpaste with you, and after meals, use the office bathroom to brush your teeth. Read on after the photos

4. Brushing your teeth too vigorously also causes your teeth to yellow. Brushing them hard doesn’t mean cleaning them better. If anything, you risk damaging and weakening the enamel layer.
5. You already know this but we repeat it to you. Coffee, our beloved coffee, makes your teeth yellow. Should we give it up? Well, no. But drink it in moderation yes. Tooth enamel is porous and sipping coffee forces it to come into contact with coloring agents. And this leads to a loss of brilliance.
So if you want very white teeth, avoid certain things. Whoever wants to look beautiful … Also applies to the teeth.

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