Wrinkles on the neck from the phone? what they are and the products to avoid them


Cell phones and computers are not only changing our daily life but also our body. Due to the many hours we spend on the devices, our neck risks aging prematurely, accelerating the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Here’s how it takes cover from the tech neck.

Wrinkles on the neck: what are they

According to dermatologists of the London Clinic are approximately 150 the times we lower our heads to our cell phone or computer keyboard. The tech neck syndrome, i.e. the premature appearance of wrinkles on the neck from today it is a problem that afflicts women at a very young age especially 18 ai 40 years.

Increase in the use of technological devices also caused by the increase in smartworking, leads to spend many more hours attached to technological means than already with the emission of blue lights ruining the skin causing wrinkles and spots. The incorrect posture with which one uses cell phones and computers also increases formation of wrinkles on the neck and shoulder and back problems.

How do neck wrinkles come from?

In addition to the wrong positions we take during the day, there are also other reasons why neck wrinkles develop. First of all it concerns hydration when the skin is dehydrated the whole epidermis suffers with the result of prematurely showing the signs of skin aging.

Secondly, a cause that makes the wrinkles – particularly in the neck area – is exposure to the rays of UV lamps or sunbathing without protection. In fact, wrinkles appear when there is a sagging of the epidermis due to the breakdown of collagen fibers. This protein (together with elastin) has the task of keeping the skin elastic and compact.

The wrong positions that cause wrinkles on the neck

Stars and celebrities of the show are always photographed with elongated neck and raised chin, this is because a smooth and tapered neck is synonymous with femininity, just think of the painter’s works Modigliani, which precisely through the elongated necks gave the women he painted an image of sublime beauty, an allegory of perfection.

The collar of Venus (this is the name of the wrinkles on the neck) has nothing divine but rather they highlight a weaker musculature than the face and show the wrong posture and neck movements.

To avoid worsening the condition there are some attentions that can be put into practice immediately:

1) Hold the phone at 45 °

When we look at the phone we get used to keep it at 45 ° bending the arm so as not to tilt the head completely down.

2) Do not hold the phone between your shoulder and ear

Another very common mistake is that of hold the cell phone between your shoulder and ear while talking. In this way the skin wrinkles on one side and it is easier for wrinkles to form.

3) The computer monitor at the right height

The laptop screen it should be at least 20 cm high from the desk top to avoid bending your head while you work.

4) The right height of the pillow

Me too’cushion height plays an important role in the appearance of wrinkles on the neck. It should never exceed 10 cm in order not to force the neck to bend, furthermore the beauty advice is to choose a silk pillowcase, to improve skin health and avoid friction.

Wrinkles on the neck are the solutions to fight them

Today the wrinkles on the neck they have cash hours thanks to treatments by medicine aesthetics which, thanks to machinery and technologies, counteract wrinkles on the neck. Among the most popular treatments is the pulsed light or carbon dioxide laser both through the pulsations stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin which will restore vitality to the tissues.

Another treatment is the infiltrations of botulinum. In this case there is no stimulation but a real filling of the tissues. The injected substance immediately attenuates the relaxed effect giving the neck a more compact and smoother appearance.

For those who want to fight neck wrinkles through skincare, there are many products related to the world of cosmeceutics – formulated and enriched with collagen ed elastin – able to keep the skin hydrated and deeply nourished and to defeat and slow down this imperfection. Among the beauty trends of the moment there are special ones neck masks that allow you to hydrate and strengthen this very delicate area.

Filorga, Time-Filler Intensive. Concentrated anti-wrinkle face and neck treatment, for a complete action on all types of wrinkles. Price: 65 €

Elizabeth Arden, Prevage Anti-Aging Moisture Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30. Concentrated moisturizer with advanced technology based on Idebenone, deeply nourishes the skin and increases its hydration, reducing the visible signs of aging and damage caused by the sun. Price: 112,99 €

PRAI, Ageless Neck and décolleté cream. This cream acts on the neck and décolleté, both prone to sagging skin over the years, helping to restore a visibly more toned appearance to the area. Price: € 28.45

I love myself, NECK REVITALIZING Firming – elasticizing neck – décolleté cream. Cream concentrated in active ingredients that provide intense hydration, counteract skin relaxation and restore tone to the skin. Price: 69 €

Clarins, Extra-Firming Neck and Décolleté. Remodeling and smoothing lifting effect treatment. Price: € 50.40

Caudalíe, Lifting Firming Serum. Highly concentrated, this serum corrects wrinkles and redefines the oval of the face. Price: € 49.90

Florena, Regenerating Elixir Oil. It helps regenerate tired and dull skin, giving it nourishment and softness: a beauty elixir for a visibly regenerated and elastic face. Price: € 17.99

Guam, Seatherapy Boto Mask Face. An anti-aging mask that solidifies on the face favoring the absorption of the active ingredients, the skin will immediately be more compact, relaxed and younger looking, with an immediate and visible NATURAL FILLER effect. Price: € 40.80

BioNike, DEFENSE ELIXAGE HUILE SERUM R3. It renews the supporting structures of the tissues, collagen and elastin, and counteracts the loss of density. Price around 60 €


Face D, Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Mask. After only 20 minutes of application, the skin of the face and neck will be immediately more hydrated, luminous and compact. Price: 4 €

Deborah Milan, FACE AND NECK MASK WITH ANTI-SUCCESS LIFTING EFFECT. Soaked with a specific serum for mature skin, for a compact and redensified skin, the contours of the face
appear more defined. Price: € 3.90

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