“Wow!”. Goodbye cellulite with the super scrub. Few ingredients, practically zero cost and the ‘potion’ is ready: follow the instructions and notice the difference on the thighs and buttocks


Most women suffer from cellulite, the annoying fat that forms small dimples on the skin of the hips and buttocks. Obviously this is not a serious illness, but cellulite can be ugly to look at and can make you feel uncomfortable when wearing shorts or a bathing suit. Water retention (or more correctly hydrosaline) is determined by the accumulation of water and sodium in the subcutaneous tissue, between one cell and another (interstitial space). When the phenomenon takes on important connotations, in general, we prefer to speak of edema (swelling); the term anasarca, on the other hand, is used to indicate severe edema spread throughout the body. Water retention occurs mainly in the legs, area around the abdomen, buttocks and sometimes arms and hands. To fight it, you know, you need to do some exercise, at least a half-hour walk a day, you need to drink a lot of water and avoid eating too salty. But there are DIY remedies that help smooth the skin. (Continue reading after the photo)

Lemon and salt scrub. The necessary ingredients are: 250 gr. of coarse whole sea salt, 50 gr. of sugar, 90 ml. of sweet almond oil, 1 Lime. How to prepare it. Put salt, sugar and oil in a large bowl, squeeze the juice of one lemon in, grate the lime peel into the bowl. Blend until a homogeneous solution is obtained. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Blend again until you get a perfect result. Store in a cool, dry place, possibly covering the container with a film. Remember to stir before the next use.

Coffee scrub. Prepare the mixture by combining the dry ingredients then coffee, salt and sugar starting from: 3 tablespoons of ground coffee, 2 tablespoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar.
To the mixture of powders you will then add the same amount of oil in the same proportions starting from coconut oil, Avocado (or olive) oil and sweet almond oil. Shuffle and that’s it. (Continue reading after the photo)

Another very effective scrub is the oriental one.
Here are the ingredients you will need:

100g of cinnamon peel
25g of lemon zest
25g of coarse sea salt
150ml of calendula oil
3 drops of cypress essential oil
3 drops of oregano essential oil
3 drops of orange essential oil

Chop the cinnamon, add the lemon zest and coarse salt and continue to chop coarsely. Put the mince in a bowl and add all the essential oils indicated. Apply the scrub on the area to be treated, massage with circular movements, let it act for a few minutes and wash the area with warm water. Before leaving the shower, pass cold water, it will help to firm up the skin.

“I’m not pregnant …”. Publish this photo and the web rises. Her beloved star, who once had a spatial physique, showed herself with a swollen belly and cellulite. The reason for this change? It is not just and she explains everything: “It didn’t go as I thought …”

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