World Earth Day 2021: the initiatives of the beauty brands


Like every 22nd April, Earth Day is celebrated, a day dedicated to reflections for a cleaner world in the present and in the future. Here we have collected the coolest beauty initiatives on the occasion of World Earth Day

How much does climate change impact on our lifestyle and purchasing choices. If you’ve never thought about it, the April 22, 2021 it is the right time to do it: it will be celebrated, in fact, the 51st World Earth Day (Earth Day). A symbolic day that since the 70s wants to put the spotlight on problems that the planet earth is facing every day.

An initiative known and recognized worldwide which, for 2021, addresses the issue Restore Our Earth: an act due to the planet to think and reason about what they can be the actions to be taken both to avoid further damage, and for repair to all that present and past generations have caused to the environment.

Waterless beauty: the trend for a greener life

World Earth Day, the commitment of beauty brands

The initiatives taking place on this day are so many and the world of beauty, make-up and skincare is not far behind. In fact, in recent years the world of beauty has understood how important a more sustainable approach both at the level of production and waste, and when yes talk about product finished, like solid cosmetics, and marketed right down to the ingredients themselves.

Precisely for this reason, companies are trying to reduce CO2 dispersions, use glass or recycled material packaging, or opt for refillable solutions and, finally, select organic ingredients from crops biodynamic or sustainable. Little steps for a world that has always made plastic its main vehicle, but which today understands the importance of preserving one of the greatest treasures we have: our Earth. We from we have decided to give voice to all this by selecting the greener beauty-themed brands and initiatives on the occasion of Earth Day.

Maria Nila: the green approach 365 days a year

Beautiful hair with a clear conscience: The Swedish brand dedicated to haircare Maria Nila celebrates the earth every day, not just on April 22nd. In fact, the brand pays the utmost attention to the environmental issue thanks to formulation free of sulphates and parabens, but also 100% vegan and cruelty free. Particular attention is also paid to through support for the Plan Vivo project, an organization aimed at protecting the environment to ensure adequate climate compensation.

The progenitor of completely sustainable packaging is line Eco Therapy Revive: each bottle is in fact made up of 100% plastic recovered from the oceans, reducing the environmental impact by 56% compared to the use of new materials and catching about 959,000 bottles from the seas in 2020 alone.

Now: the Made in Italy beauty that protects the planet

Young and green: Now is a Made in Italy brand that arrived on the market a few months ago and, thanks to its refined aesthetics and the lightness it leaves on the skin, it has already established itself as a true Instagram-proof must-have. The range of products dedicated to everyday skincare active presence of natural origin and, moreover, the brand now collaborates with the international association “1% for the planet” and donates 1% of its turnover to associations that preserve the planet.

Honest beauty and conscious production to protect the environment

Recyclable packaging and products that are safe, effective and attentive to the health of people and the environment. Honest Beauty offers the possibility of safeguarding the planet with small daily gestures and a more lifestyle green friendly. Characteristic of the brand, founded in 2011 by Jessica Alba, is the conscious production aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment. Vegetable oils, shea butters and fruit oil based formulations make make-up and skincare truly unmissable.

Oway and his biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients

Strive for a better world every day: Oway has made this concept its production philosophy and is the spokesperson for the concept of agricosmetica® aware and sustainable in Italy and in the world. A circular approach that uses biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients, a zero-waste packaging based on glass and aluminum and, no less important, is an agricultural producer and grower thanks to the presence of the agricultural estate Orthopedic workshop at 0 km. The demonstration that consuming less and consuming better is possible.

Mediterranea and cleansing in a solid format

A conscious approach to beauty for over 20 years: Mediterannea continues in the research and production of careful and environmentally friendly products: from the packaging to the formulas up to the production chain.

Among the must-have products there is the world of solids such as Perfect Planet Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash Bar contain a minimum part of water thus fighting water waste (a conventional detergent contains about 90%).

Yves Rocher and concentrated shower gels

“Plant for Life” is a project by Yves Rocher on a global scale born in 2007 to plant new trees, regenerate the soil and slow down desertification. This year Italy has also joined for the first time through the AGRI.BIO.SA (Agriculture for Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability) project which provides for the planting of 10,000 trees starting from the end of January 2021 in the plains and lowlands. hill of the Veneto Region. For each product of the Line sold I love my Planet, which is made up of Concentrated Shampoo and Concentrated Shower Gel with many different fragrances a tree will be planted by the Yves Rocher Foundation.

Antos and bioplastic from corn

There plastic it can take millions of years to completely dissolve and, in addition to careful and targeted recycling, it is important to think about new sustainable packaging and lower environmental impact. As in the case of Antos and her lipstick Dancer, a delicate and elegant nude shade with castor oil, rice wax, illipe butter, mango oil, shea butter, which created the pack in PLA, a plastic produced with corn derivatives and which, at the end of its life cycle, can be easily composted since it is biodegradable.

& Other Stories: the vegan line is certified

How to best celebrate the World Earth Day if not with a vegan product and green packaging? Among the many proposals, the vegan line & Other Stories, registered at the Vegan Society and is entirely made in Sweden, it is a choice to consider.

Not only; the packaging that guarantees the lowest possible environmental impact, thanks to the use of PCR-certified recycled plastic bottles, aluminum and glass packaging, highly recyclable materials. In addition, the formulations are highly natural (up to 97%) and contain two selected botanical ingredients: cottonseed and oats. Unmissable.

Biofficina Toscana to protect the territory

An invitation to take action for the protection of nature and its values: this is the theme ofEarth Day 2021 and represents in all respects the founding virtues of Biofficina Tuscany. The Tuscan eco-bio cosmetic brand, in fact, has always been committed to protection of the Tuscan natural heritage and supports farms that cultivate raw materials without the use of chemical fertilizers and respecting the phases of the moon and the balsamic times for the harvest.

But not only that, particular attention also to cosmetics products such as i solid detergents which, in addition to the elimination of water, make it possible to avoid the use of plastic by favoring cardboard from sustainable sources.

Davines: children and the environment for a better future

Educating young people in sustainable practices from an early age, this is the commitment of Davines that also for 2021 presents Davines for Future, the initiative designed to promote the need for a sustainable future.

From 20 April to 15 May, in fact, by purchasing two products from the Essential Haircare line and a mask from The Circle Chronicles line, you will receive “The Superhero Manual”, a book full of educational-interactive activities so that children can learn from an early age the importance and respect for the Earth.

Freshly Cosmetics: the shampoo designed for the environment

A new launch conceived and presented on the occasion of the World Earth Day of 2021. It is called Nutritive Amino Shampoo and is the new product dedicated to the world of hair care by Freshly Cosmetics. Moisturizes dry, damaged and dyed hair while respecting both the skin barrier and the environment in which we live every day.

Thanks to 99% of natural ingredients with which the various references of the brand are made, as well as coming from a responsible and sustainable production that does not use polluting raw materials. A double commitment to hair and the environment that surrounds us.

Innisfree: environmental awareness from South Korea

How to be sustainable and attentive to the health of the earth 365 days a year? We ask ourselves this every day, but there are those who have already concretized all this as Innisfree which makes of environmental awareness a real banner. The brand, in fact, chooses only ingredients of natural origin from the island of Jeju in South Korea and exploits the application of technological methods to ensure that all the properties of the ingredients are preserved in the different formulations.

Leocrema and the Natural Face line

Beyond World Earth Day, particular attention is also paid to the “Earth Hour“To be held March 27, 2021, at 20:30. A precise moment set internationally to think proactively about our planet. But is it possible to approach skincare in a conscious way? This is the question he asked himself Leocrema formulating and presenting a Natural Face Line which combines particular attention to the use of ingredients natural and eco-sustainable packaging, renewing its commitment to address the challenges posed by environmental impact.

Foreo: technology and innovation for lasting beauty

The beauty world is now avant-garde and, together with continuous progress, it never loses focus on protecting the environment. Just like FOREO, which has always offered solutions dedicated to high-tech wellness, which launched the campaign on 22 April “Make It Last, Not Break Fast”, highlighting its success story in its commitment to creating devices that are durable and optimized for long-term use.

Our must have? FOREO UFO, a device to be used two minutes a day instead of the classic fabric masks for top hydration.

La Roche Posay and the new sustainable packaging

A green and sustainable approach to the world of packaging: this was the choice of La Roche-Posay who presented i new eco-sustainable pipes. A work born from the partnership between L’Oréal and Albéa, world leader in packaging, this first version of tubes has been developed to become the alternative solution to common cosmetic packaging in the future.

You just have to start choosing better and in the right way thanks to green brands that love and support the environment.

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