Women’s sneakers 2021: 6 trendy models


Whether it is white sneakers and minimalist, of the latest model in limited edition, or version trainers suitable for jogging, sneakers are the indispensable accessory of our wardrobe.

Comfortable and versatile, tennis shoes (or sneakers) have been cleared as a typically sports shoe to establish themselves as a style detail with a contemporary touch for any look.

There are those who choose how alternative to heels for the wedding dress, preferring practicality to the aesthetics of shapes, and those who combine them with the most chic items of clothing such as midi and long dresses, pleated skirts and silk trousers. The result? A passe-partout accessory that everyone can agree on.

Among the hottest models of the moment, the 2021 women’s sneakers range from the designer versions proposed in the pret-a-porter collections, to the iconic and vintage-style variants of the classic names in sports fashion, such as Adidas, Nike, Diadora and Converse.

There is no shortage of low-cost sneakers proposals from fast-fashion fashion brands, declined in models with colored details, chunky soles or essential lines to combine with everything. Here are 6 models of women’s sneakers to choose from.

The white women’s sneakers

women's sneakers 2021White women’s sneakers

The white sneakers are among the most popular models. It is precisely the no-color element that conquers that allows you to combine this type of shoe in every look. White sneakers are a timeless classic that has now become indispensable and to have in the capsule of our wardrobe, composed of garments and accessories that do not know the season, resisting the passing of fashions.

From models in canvas, to those racing, passing through those with high upper up to the ankles in the style of the 80s and for shoes with low sole and flat. The proposals for white sneakers include couture models worn by sports legends or economic versions so loved by celebrities. First of all Kate Middleton, who wears them with jeans, trousers and skirts for her casual looks.

With low sole

Levi's White Women's SneakerLevi's White Women's Sneaker

Ideal for leisure

The white women’s sneakers by Levi’s are in fabric and have a low sole and lace-up closure. Comfortable and versatile, they can be combined with any look

22 € on Amazon

35 € you save 13 €

Women’s sneakers 2021: the chunky model

women's sneakers 2021Balenciaga Triple S and Stradivarius Chunky Sneakers

Among the trendy shoes of 2021, there are also the chunky sneakers that for some years have occupied the first places of the season’s trends. These are shoes with exaggerated soles and a tank effect that give centimeters in height and that this year are dressed in more sinuous lines and less flashy colors.

In fact, more and more fashion brands are offering them in neutral shades such as beige, abandoning the bright colors of previous seasons. In addition to the inevitable Balenciaga Triple S, still trendy, low-cost models like that of Stradivarius with white and beige inserts also stand out.

Suede fabric

FILA Chunky SneakersFILA Chunky Sneakers

Ideal for every day

FILA women’s sneakers offer comfort and a few centimeters of height thanks to the high and super rubberized sole. This model of chunky sneakers is confirmed among the trends of the season

59 € on Amazon

100 € you save 41 €

Women’s sneakers in fluo colors

Women's sneakers 2021Fluo sneakers

Not only classic models with essential and minimal lines, the women’s sneakers 2021 they are tinged with fluorescent colors to combine with the worn clothing or accessories such as bags and hair bands.

Inspired by the style of the 90s, tennis shoes become super colorful becoming a trend that infects high fashion designers but also sports brands such as Nike, New Balance and Reebok. In the footsteps of this unstoppable trend, Chiara Ferragni’s sneakers stand out with fluorescent inserts and colored laces.

Fluo color

Skechers fluo tennis shoesSkechers fluo tennis shoes

Ideal for running

Woman rider model sneakers, ideal for running, with ergonomic and comfortable sole. The breathable and soft fabric gives comfort with every step

59 € on Amazon

Women’s sneakers 2021: the canvas models

women's sneakers 2021Left, Kamala Harris wearing a pair of Converse All Star; on the right, the Tie-Dye sneakers by Dior

The 2021 women’s sneakers are dressed in light fabrics in raw cotton canvas, that is the canvas. The models of canvas tennis shoes they take on the classic sporty shapes and with low (almost low) or high sole. Like designer sneakers Dior work in tie-dye or the classics Superga super colored that for summer 2021 are tinged with pastel and delicate shades such as lilac, light blue and light green.

Without forgetting the timeless Converse All Star that Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States of America, decided to wear on her feet in the black version on the occasion of a shot for Vogue. The result? The rush to buy these famous sneakers is unstoppable.

Navy blue color

Converse Canvas sneakersConverse Canvas sneakers

Canvas tennis shoes

The Converse All star are one of the most iconic sneakers ever. In light canvas fabric and perfect for summer, it allows correct transpiration and can be worn every day

51 € on Amazon

70 € you save 19 €

Women’s basketball sneakers

women's sneakers 2021Nike Jordan basketball sneakers

Thanks to the rapid rise of the Nike Jordan, revisited in a luxury key by Dior, among the 2021 women’s sneakers are models inspired by basketball shoes. Their peculiarity is that of wrapping the ankles keeping the foot firmly in order to have freedom of movement and are declined in bright and bright colors.


Diadora - Mi Basket Used SneakersDiadora - Mi Basket Used Sneakers

Ideal for sports

In leather and fabric, this model of sneakers is ideal for sports but also for free time and is inspired by classic basketball shoes.

€ 64 on Amazon

2021 women’s sneakers in vintage style

women's sneakers 2021Original Country by Adidas and Onitsuga Tiger Mexico 66

Sneakers are back in vintage style, inspired by the fashion of the seventies. These are sports shoes with classic lines and that recall the traditional tennis shoes, worked in suede and with a rounded tip.

The colors to choose from turn to neutral shades, such as blue and cream that give an elegant allure to every look. They can be embellished with maxi logos, like the model proposed by Loewe with contrasting soles and details that make them the touch of style of any outfit.

Among the models of the moment we find the Originals Coutry OG by Adidas but also Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66, recently returned to the fore. How to wear them? With midi skirts, with regular jeans and with dresses with essential lines.

Vintage style

New Balance SneakersNew Balance Sneakers

Ideal for sports or a walk in the city

A trendy model in the 90s, back in fashion to be worn on the feet every day. From sports, to free time, passing for a walk in the city, this model of sneakers can be worn from morning to evening.

60 € on Amazon

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