Women’s dungarees: history, combinations and models


It was born as a humble, practical and designed for those who work, to then evolve and enter the world of fashion, establishing itself over time as an evergreen piece of the women’s wardrobe. There dungarees for women it has a very long history and starts from very far away, from every point of view.

Originally born as exclusively male clothing item and is imprisoned in the world of workwear, but it will be the 1930s and the Hollywood divas to clear it wearing it in their moments of everyday life, thus turning the spotlight on her.

Perfect to complete a day look, but with the right accessories and combinations it can be transformed into an elegant and formal outfit.

The history of the dungarees

The story of this garment begins with the father of one of the evergreen pieces of the wardrobe: Levi Strauss and the denim fabric. One of his very first occupations was that of a peddler in the mines and for the workers he invented the dungaree, an item of clothing that had never been seen before.

The term from which it adopts the name derives from the French and indicates a very comfortable garment, specially made to be worn all day especially by those who carry out the hardest and heaviest jobs.

It consists of wide trousers, often turned up, but the feature that distinguishes it from any other garment is the front “bib” which, thanks to two braces, connects the waist to the shoulders. For this garment Levi used the famous “canvas de Nîmes”, now more commonly defined as denim.

women's dungareesThe history of women’s dungarees, from the 1920s to today. Source: pinterest

It was the stars who launched the women’s dungaree trend, just like today. In 1911 in Los Angeles the film industry timidly took its first steps which, with its divas and their looks, would forever change the way people looked at fashion.

In the following years, marked by the war, the garments were made with not particularly elaborate or precious fabrics, and the lines were all very simple and humble. But young women, wearing a garment with pants, purely male and confined to the workwear category, they began to walk the path of emancipation starting right from the dungarees.

The 1930s marked the transition of this garment that made its way from workwear into the fashion category: overalls come out of factories and the most rebellious women wear them at any time of their day. Their inspirational muses are Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Mackaill who loved wearing it in the rare moments of private life.

The attention of fashion for this garment is delayed until the 60s because, loved by both women and men, it became an absolute must-have for both wardrobes.

It then aligns with the trends of the 70s, where flared and flared trousers appear, the colors become brighter thanks also to the new fabrics and the eccentric patterns that were circulating at that time.

In the 80s he suffered a sudden slowdown because his image was approached to the world of childhood, but returns to the spotlight in the 90s, when it establishes itself as the protagonist of urban-grunge looks. Everything was hidden behind small gestures of rebellion, and fashion interpreted them by lowering the suspenders, showing off backpacks on one shoulder and wearing the hat with the visor upside down.

How to match women’s dungarees

women's dungareesHow to match women’s dungarees: from casual chic looks to more elegant ones. Source: pinterest

Extremely versatile and easy to combine, the dungarees can be worn in many different ways and occasions. The most popular combination is inspired by the fashion that marked the 80s: white sneakers with well-visible terry sock, oversized sweatshirt and golden hoop earrings, more or less large.

The fit of this model is soft on the leg, where the cuff is made to show the patterns and colors of the socks. The contemporary street style, on the other hand, loves the most sophisticated lines and combinations. For an office outfit you can be inspired by the dungarees in the darkest denim wash paired with a pair of flat moccasins, a white tank top with wide shoulder strap and, of course, the inevitable shoulder bag.

The neck scarf is a 70s touch that you can also adopt at the waist: to give a touch of color to your look you can wear a belt or a patterned scarf. The heel, on the other hand, calls for a model of dungarees with a wide bottom, precisely to give movement to the figure when it is in motion.

The model with skirt has conquered and is still conquering more and more admirers. His favorite season is autumn, precisely because the perfect combination sees it combined with a pair of amphibians (also platform) or a pair of leather or patent ankle boots. For a casual chic outfit, opt for an oversized sweater, sweatshirt or t-shirt, preferably in a solid color, to which you will combine a day bag, preferably by hand, and your favorite pair of amphibians.

A fitted turtleneck and a white shirt instead they will be perfect for an elegant daytime look.

Women’s dungarees: types and models

women's dungareesThe types and models of women’s dungarees. Source: asos

Classic, unmissable and to always have in the wardrobe. In the classic denim wash, ASOS Design offers the délavé blue denim dungarees, with practical pockets (both front and back) and button fastenings, adjustable.

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired, exclusively for ASOS, instead offers a model in a washed-out ecru tone, with a square neckline, adjustable straps and a wide hem.

In its catalog, Only adds a short dungaree with a cuffed bottom, in more acidic wash than denim.

If you are looking for a more elegant model to show off even in the office, ASOS Design offers the black jersey version of the most classic dungarees. Open at the back, the straps are adjustable thanks to refined bows that form over the shoulder. The soft and practical fabric will allow you to wear it combined with a white shirt and a pair of moccasins or décolleté for a more elegant look, or sneakers or platform slippers for more casual and sporty outfits.

If you like to experiment, Allegra K offers a woman dungaree with skirt: to be combined with both your inseparable sneakers and with the little boys or a more elegant shoe, such as kitten heels.

Allegra K overalls

Allegra K overalls

A color for every season! Allegra K’s overalls with skirt is the perfect compromise if you are looking for a garment that is quick to wear but at the same time practical, elegant and chic. Available in 5 different colors (burgundy, licorice, black, dark blue and green) it is made of 100% cotton with a ribbed pattern. On more formal occasions you can wear it with a white or colored shirt, for leisure time, however, you can opt for a crop top or a t-shirt in the warmer seasons, and a turtleneck sweater in autumn and winter.

€ 18 on Amazon


  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Made of 100% cotton with a ribbed pattern
  • The central buttons are decorative but it has a concealed side zip, it is adjustable with buttons


  • The side zipper is particularly delicate: be careful when closing it

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The dungarees in 2020/2021 fashion

women's dungareesThe dungarees from Salvatore Ferragamo and Longchamp, 2020/2021 catwalks. Source: pinterest

The catwalks speak for themselves: this year the dungarees are tinged with warm and enveloping shades, while the materials become more elaborate and sophisticated.

Salvatore Ferragamo in his FW 2020/2021 shows off a bold but absolutely elegant dungaree. The chocolate color dyes the soft leather garment where the more classic harness comes replaced by a long central zip, the straps disappear to give way to two large hooks with a workwear flavor.

Longchamp, on the other hand, proposes two versions of dungarees in suede and in a shade halfway between brick orange and earthy red. The first model has a skirted bottom, but a mini and too short version is proposed: for this reason, the brand lets it fall softly over a leather trouser skirt, combining a double belt to emphasize the waist.

Warm brown, on the other hand, covers the more classic model, which is however cleaned up by pockets, visible stitching and buttons.

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