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Today I want to share with you all about the wob, the new on-trend style for short hair that you will love. We will see What is the wob ?, How to achieve the wob style ?, Trend for short hair style wob, Wob for thin hair, Wob for thick hair, vintage style Wob, wob with relaxed waves, Short hair style Shag Wob, hair style side – swept wob, wob hair with bangs and more options that you are going to love.

Well, as you read in the title of our post, we want to talk to you about the wob, the new trend style for short hair. Find out where this incredible trend comes from, which has become a boom for the autumn – winter 2020 – 2021 season. So if you are one of the girls who is thinking of ending their year with a makeover. Let me tell you that the wob, the new on-trend style for short hair is the best option.

What makes the wob, the new on-trend style for short hair, so amazing is the novelty when it comes to getting the cut. But we will delve into all the ways there are to carry it throughout our post. So let’s hope that this new hair trend is to your liking and you are encouraged to wear it for the new year.


In broad strokes I can mention that the wob, the new trend style for short hair, is a perfect proposal for all ages. It is not an exclusive haircut for young women. It also goes perfect with different types of face, I even dare to say that it refines the features a bit, so let’s see all the ways to wear it, I hope you like them!

What is the wob?

What is the wob? It is the combination of the words of the “wavy” hair style combined with the “bob” haircut. The first is the way we style our hair and the second is the haircut style that you have. So as you can see, the wob is to combine one with the other, they cannot go separately so we get the combo with these two keys.

Merging this on-trend haircut with a fresh, wavy and natural hairstyle will help you create a completely modern and innovative look. For this and more reasons is that the wob, the new on-trend style for short hair is the sensation.

How to achieve the wob style?

Now, how to achieve the wob style? As we already mentioned wob, the new style in trend for short hair is all the rage not only on social networks, but we see more and more girls in daily life who opt for this incredible combination. If you are one of those who has fallen at his feet, check out How to achieve the wob style?

The key will be in not trying to combine this hairstyle with another haircut. Since the classic bob is the one that will give you the daring and carefree appearance that we are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are one of those with layered hair. The idea here is that you have a different style and that the waves look perfect.

Trend for short wob hair

One of the reasons why the wob, the new style in trend for short hair is the sensation is because it can be adapted to different haircuts, to different styles and thicknesses of hair. Try to find a stylist who has a lot of experience cutting wavy or curly hair. So that the trend for short wob hair looks perfect on you.

The wob, the new trend style for short hair It has many variations, from tousled and choppy waves to a polished look with a vintage touch. You need to decide which style works for your lifestyle, products, hair tools, and maintenance. So we will mention in detail each style of the trend for short wob hair.

Wob for thin hair

We start with the wob for thin hair. Since this hair texture in particular can get a bit run over the wob, the new on-trend style for short hair. Because thin hair doesn’t allow waves to be as pronounced, so you’ll have to take some time with your curling iron, hot rollers, straightener, or non-heat wavy techniques.

This is why the wob for thin hair is not so recommended. But if you have hair like this and you want to try it, consider the recommendations we just gave you.

Wob for thick hair

Instead the wob, the new style in trend for short hair is ideal on thick hair. Since this type of hair has a lot of texture. But in the wob for thick hair you should also consider some things … For example, what is the finish you want, because you can generate a bit of frizz but you can also try ironing your hair or drying it with an iron to give it body.

The key here is for the wob to shine, so find the techniques that suit your hair style and get the most out of it.

Vintage style wob

The vintage style wob is characterized by being a straighter cut with much more defined curls or more precise waves. This style can be achieved with pliers, that yes complementing the wob, the new style in trend for short hair with the bob cut before.

You can go perfecting the waves in your hair until you get this vintage and romantic style, which can be ideal for a special event or for a theme party. What do you think of the vintage style wob?

Wob with relaxed waves

One of my favorite options when it comes to wearing the wob, the new on-trend style for short hair. It is wob with relaxed waves. This style is ideal for the more casual and relaxed girls. When you want to show off on a day-to-day basis, see yourself groomed but without much effort. That’s why we share the best ways to get the wob with relaxed waves.


You can achieve this effect with less defined waves, you can achieve them with an iron instead of a curling iron. Complement with the straight tips, you will look amazing!

Short Shag Wob Style Hair

A style that without hesitation I had never heard until I started to investigate a bit of the wob, the new style in trend for short hair. It is short shag wob style hair. The essence of this style is disorder. As you read. Look for the complete opposite of the past styles, it does not have an order.

You can get it from combining layers of different sizes in the haircut, as well as when combing it, create or mark the waves in different directions, grab thinner strands to further mark the waves and get a short shag wob style hair. What do you think about this style?

Side style hair – swept wob

Another amazing option to wear the wob, the new on-trend style for short hair. It is with these side-swept wob style hair proposals. Which not only at first glance you will look glamorous and feminine, but it is also a very easy style to achieve. The key here is how you imagine styling your bob on the side.

But not only that, to get side-swept wob style hair, we recommend adding volume to your hair, you can do it with the help of crepe or dry cleaning.

Wob hair with bangs

Finish off with this amazing wob theme, the new on-trend style for short hair. We share the best ideas to achieve wob hair with bangs. With this you will get a much more relaxed and feminine look. It goes perfect with all types of faces as it will help you refine even more.

The key to wob hair with bangs is to give your image a modern and different touch, we can also give texture to the bangs with a trim and giving volume to the back of your hair. What do you think of this idea of ​​wearing the wob, the new trendy style for short hair?

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