With this Sepai booster I have managed to keep the tan of my face intact like never before


I have a hard time getting color on my face and I'm very afraid of facial blemishes. That is why I am one of those who apply the cream with conscious face protection and control the hours of sunshine on the face, using hats and caps often. Still, I love how good a natural brown feels on my face and when I get it I feel that I have the handsome climb. The penalty is usually that after obtaining it it usually lasts very little. But that happened to me before.

Now I know what I have to do exactly to accelerate the tan and prolong its duration. And I just need a product that lasts all summer and I can mix with my usual moisturizer and facial sunscreen that I am using at that time. The wonder? V6.8 Tan Pro Face Self Tanning and Antioxidant Booster by Sepai (49 euros).

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A booster which contains three active ingredients that work as tanning activators, antioxidants and cellular protectors against infrared and UV radiation: Palitoyl Tripeptide, GP4G and Methylsilanol Acetyltyrosine.

To use it, you have to mix it with a cream, does not have to be one of the brand. For example, I mixed it with a Clarins facial sunscreen (21.95 euros) and my most basic favorite moisturizer: Visible Difference by Elizabeth Arden (58.95 euros). I used some travel bottles that were empty (8.17 euros). And I loved the DIY beauty that I mounted in a moment.

To mix it, remove the syringe seal and empty the contents into the cream. It comes with a sticker to stick on the cream pot and remember that you have inserted it.

Must use it a week before, during and after sun exposure and has the magical power to stimulate real tanning. I'm super happy because it's been two weeks since I came back from the beach and I'm still having color. Something that I would not have believed before because it was impossible.

And, although it seems to have a high price, It comes out very profitable because when mixed with the cream it spreads a lot. It has lasted exactly four weeks but it can last more or less depending on the amount of cream you combine.

I used a booster I distributed between approximately 30 ml. of sunscreen that I applied the week I was at the beach and 50 ml. of moisturizer that I applied the week before and two weeks later. Of course, in the area of ​​the lip I applied an extra facial protector (this one of Virtudestética of 29 euros) to protect my dreaded mustache stain.

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Sepai had been on my radar for some time because of its original formula of selling only active ingredients that, mixed with emulsifiers, adapt to specific needs and achieve better results. And, after trying his proposal for the brunette, I think I'm going to encourage me to try more things.

The product was provided for testing by Sepai. You can check ourbusiness relations policy for more information.

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