With a waiting list and very exhausted: this is the most spectacular knitted vest from H&M


If you don’t already have one in your closet, then you live on another planet because we haven’t stopped talking about them for weeks. The knitted vests They have literally taken this fall by storm. We have seen them of all kinds, more classic or more original, even the same model almost the same in different firms. But when we finally find the most wonderful low cost one, it turns out that it is exhausted. We are not surprised, it is very special, but also something more expensive than what we are used to seeing in H&M. What’s wrong with it? The perfect pearly color, a very deep V-neckline and lots of sequins. More than a vest, we can say that it is the most beautiful night top of the winter.

This is H & amp; M's most desired garment right now.  A sequined knit vest that is  exhausted and has a waiting list.

This is H & M’s most desired garment right now. A sequined knit vest that is exhausted and has a waiting list.

It is not the first time this has happened to us these days with an H&M garment. Last week we also joined the waiting list for a cardigan with jewel buttons that had out of stock. And now the same, also with a knitted garment but much more sophisticated. Why not a normal vest. It belongs to the Studio Collection of the Swedish firm, of which the top garments of each season are part – they are also somewhat more expensive. Woven in a chunky 60% cotton blend knit, it has a very pronounced V-neckline that we love and what makes it such a special piece is that it is full of large pearly sequins both in front and behind. It costs 129 euros and there are sizes from XS to XL. But they are all sold out and we only have the option of signing up for the waiting list.

Hopefully they will replenish stock because we still want it more after seeing how cute it is in the looks of the influencers. A style tip: it looks best as a top, with nothing underneath. Sara Baceiredo and Julieta PadrĂ³s wear it like this.

Is it or is it not the garment of the moment? We have no doubt.

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