Winter 2020 earrings – 4 trends of the international season


With a mix of unusual elements, the winter 2020 earrings promise to please all styles. From the most basic to the dramatic, these accessories are already out and about on the streets of the Northern Hemisphere. Keep an eye on these trends:

Winter 2020 earrings – Main trends

Pearls, chains, wood and sculptural shapes are highlighted in the earrings of the season. They come together to create increasingly creative and original accessories, which have already fallen in the taste of fashionistas. These are the main models:

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1. Pearl chain

This model is known as a “pearl drop” and carries a lot of delicacy with it.

Sensual delicacy is the highlight of this earring. It is an elongated chain, usually very thin, that ends with a pearl. This accessory is sophisticated in the right measure to be used at all times.

Winter 2020 earrings: the chain usually gets small details, but keeps the line clean and minimalist
To make the production more interesting, it is worth combining other accessories with pearls.
For those who prefer accessories with impact, it is worth betting on thicker chains.

2. Wood and earth elements

French designer Jacquemus is one of the great enthusiasts of earrings with wood and natural elements.

Chloe, Jacquemus, Jil Sander and Isabel Marant are some of the designers who are leading this trend. They seek inspiration in nature and its forms, which reflects in accessories with woods, polished stones and earthy tones. Super stylish and minimalist!

Winter 2020 earrings: minimalism with polished wood and geometric shapes
At the Winter 2020 jewelry store, wood is mixed with gold.
Earrings with wood, stones and precious metals are successful on the streets.
Winter 2020 earrings: wood on the rise!

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3. Sophisticated fringes

Marina Ruy Barbosa with rhinestone earring

From rhinestones to chains, this trend has its roots in the 80s and came back with everything. The longer the fringes, the better. Bet on this earring especially for the ballad, since it brings a glam touch to all looks.

The rhinestone fringe earring has dominated the catwalks since the previous season and remains firm and strong in 2020.
Earring with chain fringe, trend for Winter 2020
Within this trend, the earring with rhinestone chain is the darling of fashion girls. Go on high!
It has chains for all tastes and styles, from the glamor of the 80s to the sophistication of gold.
earrings winter 2020 chain
Winter 2020 earrings: chain in minimalist and delicate version.

4. Sculptural forms

Carved silver earring is trend

Silver earrings are gaining prominence. But it is not just any silver. Here, it is sculpted in sculptural forms, reminiscent of modern works of art. It is a trend that promises to grow more and more and, due to its good taste, it becomes a timeless piece in the closet. Worth the investment!

Winter 2020 trend: sculptural silver for earrings
Uma Wang also brought sculptural silver earrings to her collection.
Maria Escouté earring. This trend is elegant and timeless.

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