Who said cold? These two Mango leather bikers with hair are the perfect solution to give your looks a rocker edge.


There is nothing like a good leather jacket in this world. However, if you are a whopping, there is little they can do for you at this point in the movie. Low temperatures are here to stay, which implies reaching for the wardrobe and looking for outerwear that, in addition to being flattering, do their job: no more cold with cloth coats for the sake of a look 10. Misery is over We already have enough on the plate to have blue toes. If you are still a fan of the leather jackets, we have found two alternatives in Mango ideal so that you do not lose an iota of dignity: with them no chattering of teeth.

These are two models in sales (Long live Black Friday!) With super tasty hair inside. The best? They go with everything!

This model costs 63.99 euros, is available from size XS to XL and has a somewhat more slouchy and oversize cut than traditional leather jackets. With black hair on the inside and a zipper in the middle, it’s an undisputed wardrobe purchase.

Unlike the previous one, this jacket is somewhat tighter, the hair on the lining is brown, it costs 47.99 euros and is available from size XS to XL. It is also available in cream color and is ideal to combine with skinny jeans and look great.

Which of the two do you prefer?

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