White teeth, like having them with brewer’s yeast


White, shiny teeth – everyone wants them. Who doesn’t dream of a dazzling, white, bright smile like those seen on television? Here it is. To get it we tried them all: we bought expensive toothpastes, opted for alternative solutions, the grandmother’s, so to speak. But it doesn’t seem to us that things have really changed. We should go to the dentist and do professional whitening but it is a very expensive practice and we are not going to invest all that money to have white teeth.

How about trying with brewer’s yeast? There are numerous natural remedies to protect tooth enamel, make it whiter and brighter, and eliminate tartar. Among them, one of the best is brewer’s yeast which has enormous whitening power. Brewer’s yeast, in addition to whitening the teeth, is an excellent source of vitamin B which is very good for the body in general and for beauty in particular. Read on after the photo

Among its “powers”: it protects the immune system, strengthens nails, hair and bones, also regulates blood cholesterol and is an excellent supplement. In fact, it is often contained in a number of beauty supplements. It is also excellent for those suffering from diabetes and hypertension because it does not contain sugar and has a low sodium content but a high nutritional value. Not only that: it is good for the thyroid, regenerates the intestinal flora and helps not to feel tired. Read on after the photo

But let’s go back to brewer’s yeast to whiten your teeth. How to use? To have white teeth you can use brewer’s yeast in this way: prepare a sort of whitening toothpaste, mixing two tablespoons of yeast with water and salt until you get a homogeneous mixture. Or you can create a kind of scrub by mixing half a cup of brewer’s yeast with fine salt. Then? Spread the mixture on your teeth and brush gently. Read on after the photo

It is important not to use too much force so as not to damage the enamel. Brewer’s yeast will eliminate tartar and make your smile brighter. For white teeth, however, brewer’s yeast is not the only natural remedy. Banana peel also helps. Just rub it on your teeth for two minutes. Thanks to salicylic acid you will have a wonderful smile.

White teeth, I want them! 10 cheap and natural remedies for an always bright smile

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