White stretch marks, is it true that they don’t disappear anymore?


Unfortunately, getting rid of white stretch marks is almost impossible, except with invasive methods. But do not worry! There are several solutions that can alleviate them.

Among the online searches in the beauty field, the questions related to white stretch marks and how to get rid of them are the most clicked. This says a lot about it how much such skin marks are hated by girls and women of all ages.

If you too can’t stand yours and try in every way to cover and erase them, look in the mirror and stop for a moment: is it really worth obsessing over such an insignificant detail? Definitely not and the reasons are mainly two.

First of all you should love your body as it is, with its strengths and weaknesses, precisely because both of these aspects make it unique, unrepeatable and therefore special.

Also, while it is possible to somehow prevent them from appearing, getting rid of white stretch marks is almost impossible.


What are white stretch marks

Stretch marks are real scars on the skin. In particular, stretch marks white I’m there more advanced form of these skin lesions, and are formed due to the breakdown of the bond between collagen and elastin.

Initially their color is red and only later, when they consolidate, it becomes white.

Why are formed

There are several reasons why white stretch marks may appear on your body at some point.

Usually to determine them are major and sudden changes in weight, pregnancy, hormonal changes and in general all situations in which the skin finds itself experiencing particular moments of stress which he cannot cope with.

Even some genetic factors they can affect the formation of stretch marks, as well as certain intake medications, which can inhibit skin elasticity, such as steroids.

They are hardly eliminated

Once they have reached white, stretch marks are difficult to get rid of. The only way to do this is to undergo tspecific treatments or surgery.

These are the most suitable ones.

  • Filler. To be carried out in a clinic authorizesto, and only by the hand of a specialized doctor, this procedure consists ofinjection of collagen, through a very small needle, in the groove left by the stretch mark. In this way, the skin comes restored to the natural condition. However, several sessions are required before the results are visible.
  • Laser. This technique makes use of the pulsed laser light, which burns the first layer of skin, and with them the scars of white stretch marks, and starts the natural regeneration process.
  • Surgical intervention. This alternative is undoubtedly the most invasive and consists insurgically remove the damaged part of the skin, then waiting for it to grow back healthy and smooth.


How to improve white stretch marks

The fact that white stretch marks cannot be eliminated, except by resorting to invasive methods, it does not mean that there are no ways to improve its appearance.

Use the right creams

No cream works wonders but it is undeniable that many ahelp to make the skin texture more beautiful and smooth.

The best for reducing white stretch marks are those from greasy and oily formulation. Specifically, those based on vegetable butters, antioxidants and vitamin E, the latter able to give a great hand to safeguarding skin elasticity.


Trust in oils

In addition to creams, also theoil can be an ace in the hole rather valuable for fighting white stretch marks, because by nourishing and moisturizing the skin around the scars, in addition to soften them can get to reduce them, thus improving its appearance.

The most suitable oils for this purpose are almond oil, oil of coconut, oil of Argan and oil of rose. If you do not have them at hand, however, know that even that ofolive that you use in the kitchen is perfect.


Be consistent

Regarding both creams and oils, in order to see visible results you have to be constant and don’t get down on yourself self after a few days it seems to you that the situation is not changing.

Don’t forget that stretch marks are scars, so they need time to stabilize. Using gentle massages, apply a good layer of cream or oil a couple of times a day, and be patient. While it is worth remembering not to expect the miracle, if you can give your skin time to absorb the nutrients you are giving it, the situation will improve.

If yours tends to be oily, prefer creams to oils, which may otherwise take a little longer to absorb.

Better to prevent them

After so many tips, the only certainty seems to be that white stretch marks are very difficult to remove. Consequently, the best strategy to deal with this beauty drama is of prevent it.

Again, succeeding 100% is impossible, especially if your skin is subject to the phenomenon. However, it costs nothing to try, and it will certainly make it harder for white stretch marks to break through.

To prevent them you have to take care of the elasticity of the skin, given that the main cause of their onset is their lack of elasticity.

To preserve it, therefore, hydrate it as much as you can. Do it directly, always applying creams and oils, and indirectly, drinking at least two liters of water a day, eating a healthy diet and exercising.


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