White and shiny teeth, here’s how to have a star smile


A bright white smile is the dream of all of us. Instead, due to our vices – see smoke, wine, coffee – our teeth are gray or yellow and often full of stains. What a pain to smile … But what can we do. In the meantime, put your soul in peace: the genetic factor still plays a fundamental role in color, even if it is possible to prevent the formation of spots, and try to have them white and healthy-looking, with natural remedies. Obviously, professional whitening at the dentist is the most effective method to have bright and very white teeth but – we must say – it is quite expensive. Not all of us want to spend 500 euros (but even more) to have a star smileā€¦ So we have to do it ourselves. As we said, the color of the teeth depends on genetic factors: the dentin contains different shades that can be yellowish, greyish or even reddish and that emerge more or less intensely from the enamel that covers it. From the series: the pure white of the teeth is practically just an illusionā€¦ Then there is the enamel – porous – which absorbs substances that alter the color of the teeth. And plaque, which is responsible for the yellow color of the teeth. Read on after the photo

What can we do? In the meantime, clean your teeth properly. The choice of the toothbrush is very important: the bristles must be synthetic, with rounded tips so as not to scratch the teeth. It should be used from top to bottom and not horizontally. Another thing that not everyone knows: to eliminate food residues that creep into the teeth it is important to use the water jet, a tool to be used after brushing the teeth and which, with the pressure of the water jet, removes any smaller residue. In practice, it is an alternative to dental floss (which often moves leftover food from one point to another). How can we intervene on the color or on the spots? In case of superficial stains we can achieve good results with do-it-yourself remedies and whitening toothpastes. But it always takes a lot of caution. For example, baking soda is an excellent ally for a dazzling smile, especially when combined with lemon, salt, hydrogen peroxide. Just pass the mixture on your teeth and then rinse. Olive oil, turmeric and coconut oil, strawberries, banana peel, sage are also excellent. They simply need to be rubbed into the teeth. Occasionally so as not to damage the teeth. Read on after the photos

Alternatively, whitening gels and toothpastes can be used. Before using them, however, consult your dentist. It is vital to remember that these products contain abrasive and chemical agents that could damage tooth enamel in the long run. But also irritate the gums. So, if your dentist gives you the okay, don’t overdo it and repeat the process only from time to time. Remember: these remedies are not recommended for those with sensitive teeth, pregnant women and children under the age of 14. If the problem is tartar, we must contact our dentist who will remove it. Then, if you just can’t see the teeth of ” that ” color, then opt for professional whitening or bleaching. The whitening techniques are different but all effective and long lasting. Ask your dentist who will recommend the one that best suits you.

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