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Rachel Ann Jensen

Adopting the pin up style is like traveling back in time. He is inspired by the 40s and 50s and can be represented through clothing, hair and makeup. Read on to learn a little more about this style and be enchanted by the pin up aesthetic.

What is pin up?

Miss Victory Violet

Sensuality, red lipstick and a lot of attitude. These are the characteristics of the pin up woman. The name pin up appeared in 1941 and is derived from English and can be freely translated as “voluptuous woman”. This style emerged in illustrated paintings and became popular because they were hung on the walls of soldiers’ barracks during World War II.

Afterwards, pin-up-style women’s illustrations were produced for advertising campaigns and began to influence the behavior and dress of real women, making them a real lifestyle.

How to adopt the pin up style

To adopt this timeless aesthetic, check out some features of the pin up style and lavish femininity:

bet on red lipstick

Fontaine Soda

Red lipstick is the most striking makeup item of a pin up. In strong tones, it refers to sensuality and fun. Another very recurrent makeup element is the delineated ones, which highlight the eyes and are perfect to match the vibrant mouth.

Make a frame for your face with the bangs

Scarlett Luxe

The sharp fringe is part of the look of many pin ups and can have two main styles. The first is a more classic idea and consists of leaving the fringe well wavy, with a beautiful curve that does not go unnoticed. The other proposal is a fringe cut at forehead height with a very straight, smooth and symmetrical base. Find which option fits your face the most and play!

use lots of volume and style

Rachel Ann Jensen

Dresses and full skirts are a pin up woman’s best friends. They represent the fashion of the time well and usually have polka dot prints. They are perfect for taking those classic photos very gently. But if this type of clothing doesn’t suit you, don’t worry! There are also pin ups that do not give up a very tight and modeled look.

Get even more stylish with a heel

The Overdressed Archeologist

Always up! High-heeled shoes are a great choice to make your posture more elegant and give that look up. They are usually very colorful and don’t go unnoticed. Although beautiful, it is important that you are comfortable. So choose lower options with square jumps that will make you feel comfortable all day.

Awaken the model in you

Pickled Hell Bomb

Pin ups are full of faces and mouths and they love posing for the cameras. Represent this in your photos! In addition to the look, some objects will make your photo shoot even more attractive, they are: milkshake, telephone, record player, Coca-Cola, umbrella, glasses and bicycles. Everything with a very retro feel.

Find your favorite period on the timeline

Penny Heartbleed

Choose a time to be inspired. The pin up style is quite comprehensive, but it can have some more characteristic elements from year to year. Then research the style differences between 1940 and 1955.

Mark the pin up style on the skin with the tattoos

Vivian Kramer

The cool pins ups are tied to the tattoos. They are made with fun designs that will make the look even more interesting and very feminine. The most common designs are flowers, words, hearts and kisses. And of course, colors cannot be lacking in tattoos. Despite following a style, it is essential that the chosen designs match your personality.

Now it’s easier to put this culture into practice, isn’t it? No wonder this style is still part of the present day.

35 photos of pin up style looks for you to overflow femininity

For pin ups there are no limitations on the standard of beauty or age. Next, follow the amazing looks of wonderful women and identify which pin up style suits you best:

1. Pin ups are full of personality

Doris Mayday

2. They can be more romantic

Fontaine Soda

3. Or totally cool

Vivian Kramer

4. Pin up style can use tight clothes to mark the body

Fontaine Soda

5. But she also wears very charming dresses with full skirts

Tatiana D’Andrea

6. If you are a fan of pants, know that it can also compose the look

Vintage Vandal

7. The floral print is very recurrent

Bellucci Meli

8. And it can convey sensuality or delicacy

Miss Victory Violet

9. But there are also those who prefer a more striking look

Micheline Pitt

10. Pin ups and prints are great allies

Miss Psychocat

11. So abuse in colorful and fun steps

Miss Steamer

12. But if you want to be classic and versatile, the plain fabric is perfect

Miss Vanny Rockcandy

13. You can include pin up style in the workplace

Penny Heartbleed

14. And also when going out with friends

Lila Ninou

15. Wear a belt to clearly mark the waist

La Femme Fantome

16. Or match the shoes with the blouse

Nicola Valentine

17. The midi skirt makes any look more elegant

Vintage Vandal

18. Wavy hair is part of this style

Natasha Marcelina

19. And the fringe makes a beautiful frame for the face

natty dashwood

20. It can also be short and flat

Lottie Goodchild

21. In makeup, the kitten outline is the ideal choice

Madzia Najda

22. Just like the vibrant red lipsticks

Rachel Frances

23. Another commonly used accessory is the tiara

Sofia Gazette

24. It makes any look more classic

Bellucci Meli

25. You can also bet on big hair flowers


26. Or in the most different styles of hat

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

27. And to complete the look, don’t forget your glasses

Doris May Day

28. Your model can be more casual

Lila Ninou

29. Or pretty fun shaped like hearts

La Sonrisa de Sarita

30. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate colors and prints

Doris Mayday

31. Do you want to give a touch of sensuality to your production? invest in gloves

La Femme Fantame

32. Or in corsets with a nice heel

Emilia Wilde

33. Create looks to highlight your beauty

Bellucci Meli

34. And raise your self-esteem

Natalie Parmenter

35. So jump into the pin up universe and rock!

Said Von Teese

The pin up looks are wonderful and don’t go unnoticed. And to complete the production with a killer hairstyle, check out this amazing selection of 60s hairstyles and look even more wonderful!

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