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The aesthetics of cottagecore is a trend that is on the rise, especially for having gone viral due to hashtags on social networks, such as Instagram and Tiktok. It is inspired by simple life and country life, preaches its own lifestyle and has also extended to fashion. Learn more about this subject and check out beautiful photos!

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What is cottagecore?

Chloe Griffin

There are still some ambiguities about the true translation of the term, because some bloggers claim it came from French, while others argue that it came from English. The most common definition is that “cottage” means farmhouse or hut, while “core” is derived from 1980s punk hard core music and means core.

The important thing is to know that this trend is permeated by some keywords, such as field, flowers, animals, gardening, picnic, simplicity, cooking at home, among others. Then, check out its main features and stay on top of this new fashion.

7 features of cottagecore

For some people, cottagecore is an aesthetic based on the idealization of country life. For others, it is an aesthetic that seeks a simple life, manual tasks, communion with nature (valuing plants and animals), light and delicate clothes. In this sense, there is no space for smartphones full of notifications, emails and work meetings with abusive bosses. Check out the features of this style:

Valuing country life and nature

Jane Dottie Vintage

Bucolism is present in this aesthetic and translates into life in the countryside being taken as an ideal life, which does not have excesses precisely because it is simple. In addition to being in harmony with animals and plants on a daily basis, away from stress and anxiety, very common elements in today’s urban life.



The cottagecore is interpreted as a nostalgic lifestyle, because it favors habits and even clothes that are old, like vintage clothes and the idea that life in the country, far from the city, is better, because it has more harmony and lightness.

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After all, following this lifestyle, one seeks to be away from the daily pressures, from all technology and social demands, arising from the capitalist world. This does not apply, for example, to the rights and achievements of women and LGBTQI +.

Manual or household tasks

Sparkly Alice

The development of manual tasks made with one’s own hands, also read as domestic, is an important point. This is especially true for caring for plants and treating food, such as harvesting fruits and vegetables and / or making your own bread or a juicy pie.

Outdoor Activities


Among outdoor activities, picnics are ideal times to be in harmony with nature and with true friends. In addition, those foods prepared with your own hands can be shared, as well as fruits.

These moments have clear or checkered towels, flowers and flowery looks, with transparencies or even linen. Other options are reading in an open place, under the shade of trees, or walking among fields of lavender or sunflowers.

Flowery crockery and decorative objects

Morgan Libby

Flowers are one of the highlights of this aesthetic, both for decorating a corner of yours, such as living room or bedroom, as for clothes. Flowered kettles and crockery or vases with beautiful flowers bring that air of field to any environment, as well as pictures with flowers accompanied by butterflies – even better if you paint them yourself.

Light cotton or linen garments

Framed Nymph

Light and light clothes, such as skirts, blouses and dresses, are ideal in this trend. Woolen jackets and pantyhose too, on colder days. The tones are usually light or earthy and, if the pieces are printed, they usually have flowers and butterflies.

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After all, the search for balance and the valuation of simple things does not match heavy clothes, full of brightness and very vibrant colors. It doesn’t even work with heels, so it is common to bet on flat sandals, shoes and delicate boots, with laces and earthy colors.

Simple life and reduced financial expenses


When it comes to simple life in the cottagecore, we talk about living only with what is necessary, without extravagance, as life in the countryside is idealized. In this sense, there is a reduction in financial expenses, especially if you start to develop manual activities that, before, you paid for someone to do – such as cooking, cleaning your own house or even making handicrafts, such as embroidery. When leading a simplistic life, we seek to value what really matters.

Interestingly, the style rose during the 2020 pandemic, during which many people found themselves locked in their homes, having to deal with the demands of home and work. It was an alternative to seek balance and comfort. Another curiosity is that the style has proved to be quite common among lesbian women, who have been looking for a lighter life. But are we going to look now? It’s the best part, no doubt!

25 cottagecore looks full of beauty, lightness and flowers, of course

Although cottagecore is successful as a lifestyle, through activities and decoration, it is in fashion that it translates very well. The looks are usually registered through photos set on farms, farms, parks with lawns and lakes or even forests. Check it out and fall in love!

1. Ready to dive in the cottagecore style?

Chloe Griffin

2. He sees life in a more “slow” way, without the rush of contemporary life

Viktoria A

3. Urban scenarios are exchanged for rural environments

Viktoria A

4. And so, the looks are more rustic in style

Caitlyn B

5. The most floral

Grace Ellen

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6. The pieces are always light


7. And of light or more earthy tones


8. Accessories, such as bags or hats, are usually made of straw or similar materials

Chloe Griffin

9. Shoes are delicate and generally more earthy in color

Grace Ellen

10. As for hair, it can be used looser

tilda | visual artist

11. But it is also possible to attach only a part with delicate accessories


12. Dresses are the pieces most incorporated into the looks

Viktoria A

13. But light skirts and blouses are also welcome

Chloe Griffin

14. Pants and bibs go very well at cottagecore, look

Louise Sutherland

15. Mainly betting on chess

tilda | visual artist

16. In fact, cottagecore also combines with cold

ilse marie

17. Just take woolen jackets out of the wardrobe

ilse marie

18. Or charming thicker but equally delicate coats

Louise Sutherland

19. Bet in an environment that resembles the countryside and brings you tranquility


20. Can be in the trees


21. Or in a beautiful lavender field

Dani Lemon

22. The important thing is that space makes you feel at ease

Viktoria A

23. Free and light to be who you are


24. Choose the cottagecore look that suits you best


25. And enjoy the bucolism and nostalgia that the style offers!

Chloe Griffin

These looks left you inspired, don’t they? We will help you to bet on this trend. Just watch the videos that we separated in sequence.

Learn more about cottagecore to ensure the perfect decor and look

If you got a taste for more, check out the videos we have separated for you on the aesthetics of cottagecore.

More details on the aesthetics of cottagecore

In this video, Adriana Alfaro talks about the main characteristics of cottagecore – above all bucolism and nostalgia – and how this aesthetic has been translated into fashion, mentioning some common clothing and accessories.

What is cottagecore and how to put together looks in this style

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Cottagecore can be cheap

In this video, Julia Silva shows clothes, shoes and accessories that can compose her cottagecore look without spending a lot. In addition, he mentions environments that match the looks, such as gardens, forests and farms. And don’t forget decorations, which are a charm, and recipes for you to get your hands dirty. Don’t miss out!

Makeup cottagecore

Want to learn a make up to compose your bucolic look? So, check out the tutorial for this video. It is simple and has no error. Remember not to abuse makeup, because this style values ​​simplicity.

Besides cottagecore, do you want to know other styles to give that up in your wardrobe? So, stay on top of Korean fashion, which has incredible looks!

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