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Thalia Ferraz

The sporty style is known for being the most casual and comfortable of all. But don’t think it’s just sports pieces. In fact, it’s about attitude and practicality. Want to know more? Read on to discover the characteristics of sports style and see ideas for looks to rock any occasion.

what is sport style

Characterized by comfort and versatility, the sporty style is ideal for those who enjoy more basic and laid-back looks. Its most striking features are:

  • Wildcards that go well with everything like jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts;
  • Basic and versatile colors that match each other;
  • Comfortable looks with well-tailored fabrics;
  • For prints, usually classic ones like plaid and stripes are chosen;
  • The sporting style is usually casual and informal.

But of course there are no rules! You can mix sporty style with other ways of creating looks, mixing different colors and modern models. Unleash your creativity and rock!

50 photos of sports-style looks for you to stay in fashion

Follow the sequence of look ideas and learn how to make the best compositions in this style:

1. You can include sportswear in the look

Karol Miranda

2. But this is not mandatory

Thassia Ships

3. Possessing a casual feel, sporty style is guaranteed

Raissa Galvão

4. For that, it’s worth playing with the different possibilities

Camila Coutinho

5. As in mixing sports pants with more formal pieces

carla m ortiz

6. Invest in assertive pieces

Joyce Kitamura

7. Like jeans

Grece Ghanem

8. After all, nothing more timeless than him, right?

Aimee Song

9. You can vary in modeling

Amanda Mendes

10. Giving a more stylish look


11. As is the case with the wide leg jeans trend

carla m ortiz

12. Torn pants are also pure attitude

Paola Antonini

13. What matters is that you are comfortable

Kelly Augustine

14. With wild and versatile pieces

Gabriela Sales

15. Nothing like good sneakers to complement the look, right?

Thalia Ferraz

16. It works well on different compositions

Larissa Cunegundes

17. And it’s a darling of sports style because it brings the casual air

carla m ortiz

18. Look at this mix of romantic and sporty style

Julia Rodrigues

19. A grace, isn’t it?

Aimee Song

20. White tennis is eclectic

Amanda Mendes

21. Just like black

jade seba

22. Choose what has the most to do with you

Camila Coelho

23. The watchword of sports style is comfort


24. That’s why looser clothes are a great bet

Raissa Galvão

25. Not to mention the sweatshirt, of course

Natalia Nogueira

26. It can be used in different looks

Thalia Ferraz

27. How about betting on shorts for a ride?

Grece Ghanem

28. This piece has been successful

Karol Miranda

29. And makes the look less basic, but very stylish

Julia Rorigues

30. Sporty style is understated without losing attitude

Amanda Mendes

31. Perfect for those looking for a laid back look

Giovanna Ferrarezi

32. And it suits different occasions, from work…

Cynthia Andrew

33. Even day trips


34. Biker shorts are ideal for this

Aysha Sow

35. A tip for sports style is to combine pieces with different proposals

Hang Nguyen

36. For example, a suit with sneakers looks wonderful


37. The combination of tailoring pants + T-shirt oozes style

Karol Miranda

38. Speaking of T-shirt, here’s the tip: it’s a very wild card

Raissa Galvão

39. Can be used in different ways


40. And in varied looks

Thalia Ferraz

41. How about this sporty look with a skirt?

Kelly Augustine

42. Accessories make a difference

Pink mouth

43. So use and abuse them

Victoria Rocha

44. Even a basic proposal can be super stylish

Aysha Sow

45. Of course, without losing comfort

Nah Cardoso

46. ​​Another tip for those who want a more laid-back footprint is the boot

Jessica Lopes

47. Which has been successful among fashionistas

Julia Rodrigues

48. What did you think of these sporty look ideas?

Francis Lola

49. Enjoy the photos and tips

Aysha Sow

50. To create the best compositions and rock out there!

Thalia Ferraz

Now that you know how to compose stylish and casual looks, just get creative and represent sporty style with class! For that, take a look at these looks with a white jacket to be even more stylish.

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