What is an e-boy? All about the new Generation Z craze


Do you know what an e-boy is? This subculture was born on the internet and quickly became popular with Generation Z. Find out about the new style that has turned fever among Tik Tok users:

What is an e-boy?

The name comes from "elektronic". E-boys are frequent users of social networks.

The "e" comes from electronic, which already delivers that this is an aesthetic that comes from a group that lives online. They are constant users of social networks (especially Tik Tok), are addicted to games, anime and trap music.

E-girls and E-boys are successful at Tik Tok.

According to Business Insider, e-boys are teenagers who shirk Instagram's conventional gay aesthetic for a more "sad and moody" style. Colorful hair, chains, black-painted nails and heavy makeup are all part of the style.

E-boy style
Chains are a constant reference in e-boy style
This is an underground aesthetic, which brings together several past references.
Black can not miss in the closet!

In Tik Tok alone, the hashtag #eboy has over 500 million views. This demonstrates the style hype, which mixes references from the past like emo and scene.

The e-boy style

E-boy is a mix of references like emo and scene.

As we mentioned earlier, this is an aesthetic that mixes references already known from past generations. Even the overall mood of the style has a mid-90s, mid-2000s feel. Cropped pants, lots of stripes, long sleeve overlap with t-shirt, plaid and All Star can't be missed in the e-boy's closet.

An e-boy look
Colored hair is part of the style of this subculture.

In addition, another major differential of the style is the use of multiple chains. It goes for the belt, the neck and even the backpacks. The more the merrier.

Rings and padlocks are also part of the accessories. The hair is messy and often colored, preferably with more than one color. In addition, a cap gives an underground touch to the look.

The more currents the better.
E-boy – Cap is an almost indispensable accessory
The poses in the mirror also characterize the group.

Finally, a detail that makes all the difference: the nails. Usually e-boys paint their nails black, a masculine trend we've talked about here before.

Colorful hair – E-boy

The Blog Macho Moda made a great video explaining about e-boys:

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