What are eye patches? The DIY recipes and the best ones to try


Colorful, fun but above all useful: eye patches are an element that must absolutely not be missing in your routine. But let’s try to find out together why they are so important

All, really all, have bought a couple of at least once eye patch: colorful, often with absurd shapes, to keep in the fridge, disposable or reusable. Today you can find really many variations on the theme, but what are these for small stickers in gel or fabric dedicated to the eye contour which are a real concentrate of active ingredients?

We decided to venture together on a journey to discover the best eye patches to better understand how to use them and, for those who love them, the DIY recipes to try immediately.

What are eye patches for

Fighting dark circles, bags and small wrinkles is a real challenge that affects women and men of all ages. In addition to a regular beauty routine, made up of eye contour both in the morning and in the evening, it is possible to insert one more step: the gel eye patches.

Real patches to be applied in the eye area which, based on the formulation or the active ingredients with which they are made and with which they are soaked, can have different functions: from decongestant to that anti-fatigue passing through the illuminant and beyond.

How to use them

Hard to think you’ve never tried gods eye patch, but if you are discovering them for the first time here is one step by step guide to apply and use them in the right way.

First of all it is good to know that these patches should be used at least once a week, perhaps on the day you decide to carry out a more careful and meticulous skincare. Even better if combined with a face mask.

After having cleansed your face carefully, preferably with double cleansing, you can proceed with the application of the patches which usually have a rounded shape that is used precisely to follow the shape of the eye and better cover the area of bags and dark circles.

Leave them to act for 15/20 minutes and, once the time has passed, delete them and massage the excess product left tapping with the ring finger so as not to apply too much pressure and damage the eye contour area.

For a more intense result you can try leaving your eye patches in the refrigerator: this way, once applied, you will get a slight thermal shock which will increase the decongestant power of the product.

DIY eye patches

Self you love DIY and you want to try to put your hand among the ingredients you have available at home to create recipes dedicated to beauty, you can always try to make DIY eye patch following the best recipes we have selected.


For deflate bags under the eyes you can make DIY coffee eye patches. Do this: dip two cotton pads in a cup of cold coffee and leave them for 15 minutes in the refrigerator. Then apply them on the eye contour for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and apply an eye contour.

With honey

For counteract darker dark circles you can try honey and yogurt eye patches. Do this: mix two teaspoons of honey with a tablespoon of plain yogurt, wet two cotton balls and leave them to act on the eye contour and leave for 15/20 minutes and proceed with a light massage after their removal. Finish by rinsing with plenty of warm water. And then apply a good dose of moisturizer.

With chamomile

If no eye cream seems to want to hydrate thoroughly your eye area, you probably need a soothing patch like the one with chamomile. Do this: make a chamomile tea with hot water, carefully avoiding mixtures containing sugar, let everything cool and then soak two cotton pads. Squeeze them lightly to remove excess and put them in the freezer for a few minutes, then apply them for 20 minutes on the eye contour. Once removed, massage the area and switch to your usual hydration.

The best eye patches to try

From highlighters to reusable ones: there are lots of eye patches that you can buy and use one or more times. We have tried to select the best eye patches that just can’t miss in your weekly beauty routine.

Kiko – Energizing Eye Patch

Somatoline – Cosmetic Booster Patch Eyes

Comfort Zone – Sublime Skin Eye Patch

Mádara Organic Skincare- Time Miracle Patches

Magicstripes – Wake me up collagen eye patches

Klorane – Smoothing and Relaxing Patches

Sephora Collection – Litchi eye mask

Erborian – Glow Eye Patch

Apricot – Me, Myself and Eye patches

Face D – Eye Patch Anti Bags Immediate Action

Chanel – Le Lift

PIXI – DetoxifEYE Eye Patches

AHAVA – Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Mask

StarSkin- Eye Catcher ™ Smoothing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Eye Mask:

111 Skin – Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask

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