We’ve found the ultimate animal print midi dress, to wear alone or with a jacket, and it’s already one of our favorites for spring.


The good weather begins to show its paw and we want to bet on midi dresses, as Carmen Lomana did with her midi cut dress with a side opening. It is important to find the garment that elevates your look, such as the long shirt that Nagore Robles has worn but, when you find something like that, you must choose to combine it with basic so that the strength of the garment is not lost with the noise of the rest of the outfit. Is what happens with the animal print dress that we found in Zara: it is so striking and special, that it can only be combined with basics.

The influencer Meri Lozano has understood the concept perfectly, and has combined this garment with a green puff-sleeved cardigan. Is a dress with a straight neckline, spaghetti straps and an open back and its fitted and midi cut stylize the figure. In addition, its zebra print gives a wild touch to your look only suitable for the most daring.

It costs 29.95 euros and you can still find it on the Zara website, but hurry up, because they are flying. If, when you arrive, there are no sizes left, don’t worry, because we offer you other options that, although it is true that they are not so wild, they can be spectacular if you know how to combine them.

We know this dress by Asos It is not animal print, but the cut is very similar to that of Zara and the sequins give you a ‘night effect’ that the zebra print does not. It is discounted and you can get it for 59.45 euros.

East leopard print mini dress, also by Asos, It is ideal to combine with any footwear, depending on the style you want to give to your look. In addition, thanks to its short sleeves and its round neck and higher, you can wear it now even if it is not too hot yet. Current price: 38.99 euros.

The last one we show you is this El Corte Inglés leopard print dress. It is mini, with a boat neck and long sleeves and is ideal with cowboy boots. It is 50% off and you can find it for 45 euros.

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