Wedding hairstyles 2019: ideas for all hair types

Acconciature da sposa: le idee di tendenza nel 2019 per tutti i tipi di capelli

The wedding hairstyles in 2019 they refer to the timeless classics, to styles of the past, to modernity. Together withdress and to a good one make-up, is crucial for a future bride choose thehair styling that brings out her personality and makes her feel at ease on such an important day. Let’s see together the trendy wedding hairstyles this year suitable for all hair types.

Wedding hairstyles: long hair

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For those who love to have long hair, the choice of the perfect hairstyle for the wedding is certainly more varied: it can leave it loose, straight, curled, or collect it. THE long loose hair in 2019 they are the preferred choice especially by brides Millennials and from it girl of the moment. Influencers seek simplicity and naturalness apparent, which actually hide a skilled make-up and hairstyling work. In trend in 2019 are therefore loose hair and with waves well defined, which fall softly on the shoulders.

Very suitable for those with long hair are also loose, straight or wavy hair, tied with some boho chic weaves on the nape, which free the face from the locks that usually are carried behind the ears. Furthermore, these intertwining can be done adorn in different ways, giving light to the hair and creating a more personal wedding hairstyle.

The ponytails low or high and the braiding they were very trendy last year, and do not go out of fashion even among the brides of 2019. The watchword is ornament: whichever way you choose to collect long hair, the important thing is to adorn it with precious and graceful objects that give a magical and fairytale effect.

Wedding hairstyles: short hair

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Even for short hair the rule of wedding hairstyles in 2019 is the freedom and the naturalness. A hairstyle is then recommended simple, but with important decorations. This year they are very fashionable hair accessories. This is for example jeweled clothespins, crowns and precious accessories that adorn the head and make the hairstyle special. This styling is suitable for any type of hairstyle, especially with a pixie cut.

The helmet it lends itself better to different hairstyles, and you can opt for one more hairstyle classical and wavy: the most modern choice sees ringlets jaunty and some reflections, while an important side line and well-defined waves recall a vintage and romantic style. Again, in 2019 it is better not to give up on an ornament, preferably floral.

Wedding hairstyles: curly hair

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THE curly hair they are never easy to tame, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. A curly and voluminous hair gives an air of great strength and personality. The two main rules for wedding hairstyles in 2019 with curly hair are: to avoid at all costs the frizzy and undefined ringlets, and don’t tie or stick them to your head, but leave them free.

The only concession is made for the decorations, like the ones we have seen for long and short hair. With flowers, diamonds or ornamental headbands you are never wrong and you buy a look lively, new and trendy.

Wedding hairstyles: collected and semi-gathered hair

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For brides who decide to collect their hair, it is chignon remains the right choice also in 2019. Especially loved by celebrities, the chignon is reminiscent of a princely style and, although it varies in shape, it remains constant over time. In 2019, the style changes, mixing trends vintage with the more modern ones.

It’s time for brides to go back to the 60’s with collected hairstyles and voluminous. The cotton chignon is a hairstyle for 2019 brides who want to be daring and trendy. However, the most popular are the low, pulled buns, unkempt or soft, which keep the hair in order under the veil, and do not hide the face.

An even more elegant hairstyle for the most dreamers is the hair semi-harvested in a soft bun or a Braid, garnished with cascades of flowers or crystals. Suitable for both long and short hair, if done by expert hands, this hairstyle guarantees the effect of an enchanting bride, who arrives from a fairy way. The best thing is that this style is also a lot customizable: tiaras, diamonds, flowers, ribbons, anything with which you decide to adorn your hair represents the identity of the bride.

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