We would never have noticed how good this Zara sweater (almost sold out) feels if it weren’t for these Instagram looks


Inevitably there is sweaters that stand out in our eyes. Like this colorful striped sweater by Stradivarius or the H&M braiding that is sold non-stop. But we don’t always look at how good other more basic designs feel that also have their charm and that we can get even more out of. Today we have found one of those.

A Zara sweater (almost Exhausted to our bad luck), which we do not stop seeing among the best instagram looks.

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In a mink color, oversize and cropped cut, maxi polo neck, puffed sleeves finished in a fitted cuff and recycled fiber fabric with plastics, the influencers combine it non-stop with a key garment: a black leather effect trousers in all its versions. Paperbag, culotte, flare … For footwear, ankle boots in black and for the accessory maxi or mini bag to taste.

A perfect choice for winter outfits with which to show off your figure, but not the only one. We are sure that the suits of jacket and trousers with moccasins, a checked overshirt with jeans and white sneakers, or a cloth coat with mini skirt and boots above the knee, will be perfect with this sweater that has become our new fad.

The bad news is that the website of the Inditex firm is practically sold out and without a waiting list. It is only available in size L for 29.95 euros. Our latest proposal? Begin the search in physical stores before it disappears.

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