We present you the most powerful look in fashion right now and how to clone it low cost


If you follow the street style From any Instagram account you will be seeing it everywhere: the knitted vest, or also the sleeveless sweater, has become a constant in the looks of the influencers. It manages to add a layer of style to any look for a touch of sophistication Fantastic, that’s why the vests with the most desirable patterns are sold out every time they reach the low cost. The global style divas have found a way to wear it that has us fascinated: combined with dresses of multiple prints. It is not easy to clone this look, but we can use a skirt and shirt to get a clash of prints so it works. Of course: it’s time to let go of your hair to buy at low cost and take risks.

Striking NaaNaa signature knit vest available at Asos.

Striking NaaNaa signature knit vest available at Asos.

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Our favorite vest right now in fast fashion stores she wears a houndstooth print that inevitably attracts attention. Stradivarius proposes it in a wonderful baby pink color, but we have opted for this one Asos because green is much more impressive to us. You still have it in all sizes with the Black Friday sale for 24.99 euros. It is from the firm NaaNaa.

Oversized striped drop shoulder shirt from H & amp; M.

Oversized striped drop shoulder shirt from H&M.

As the vest marks us a range of color, we are going to continue it with a striped shirtTake for example this H&M design with a lavish retro feel. It is the typical shirt that you cannot exactly identify as either high fashion or low cost: the fabric with a slight shine totally mislead. Run, because it is reduced in the Swedish megastore for 34.99 euros.

H&M pleated midi skirt with a fantastic floral print.

Pleated midi skirt with a fantastic H&M floral print.

We also find in H&M the perfect skirt to simulate a dress under Asos’s favorite vest. It is a midi and pleated design with a wonderful floral pattern. Without the work of Black friday It costs 34.99 euros and is available up to size XXL (it also has an elastic waistband). It can look great with the striped shirt and houndstooth vest. You just have to dare.

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