We have the most elegant, sustainable, flattering and beautiful set with low cost shorts: younger, slimmer and more sophisticated with shorts


Shorts are once again the protagonists of the spring and summer trend, this year in all possible versions. We are not going to discover anything new: mini skirts have been practically banished from the low cost before the avalanche of all kinds of summer pants. All lengths are possible, from shorts with a trim with a sporting spirit and debtors of the trend of the 70s, to the handy Bermuda shorts.

As much as we fall in love with shorts, most of us are very clear that they are totally banned from going to the office, especially if we need to maintain a formal outfit. However, Bermuda shorts are absolutely recommended, as long as they meet a series of conditions that have to do with the fabric (other than cotton, plush or sports) and style (the more minimalist, the better). It is not easy to find a look with shorts that meets this minimal sophistication, but we have located it. And it is a find.

Flowy shirt and bermuda shorts made of Mango's tile-colored satin fabric.

Flowy shirt and bermuda shorts made of Mango’s tile-colored satin fabric.

Attention to this Mango flowy shirt and loose bermuda set because it will become one of your favorite looks this summer. It has everything we ask for in a versatile look: a very interesting color that greatly favors tanned skin; a super luxury satin fabric; wide pants with rubber that is very comfortable and flatters the legs (19.99 euros) and a flowing shirt that slims without marking (19.99 euros). In fact, with a light blazer you can wear it perfectly to the office. It is the most beautiful set with shorts that we have seen to date in the low cost and, in addition, made of sustainable fabric. Go get him.

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