We have no doubt: Laura Matamoros has the sneakers that will triumph this spring and the Instagram VIPs


Since its launch in the 90s, a tribute to the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, the trainersNike jordan they became a brutal best seller. It was a matter of time before the trend recovered them to triumph, again, in the revival of the decade that saw them born. We have been seeing them everywhere for a few weeks, especially in cult television series (it takes them Omar sy on Netflix’s ‘Lupine’) and celebrities with an eye for fashion, such as Jennifer Lopez. Who already wears them in Spain? It could not be another: Laura Matamoros.

We are not going to hide the main data from you: they are not a Sneakers cheap. Although there are different models, the truth is that the Nike Air they do not go below 100 euros and you can find them, signed by Dior, for thousands of euros (almost 35,000). In their favor they have one of the characteristics of trendy accessories that make us go crazy for them (and we wear what we don’t have): they are capable of turning any look with basics of any season into a style. updated.

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Seen like this, these are worth getting sneakers by nikewhich, by the way, also circulate through second-hand sales channels at a much more accessible price (although, as you know, sneakers do not resist the passage from one owner to another very well). The latest collection, Air Jordan 1, the one worn by VIP influencers on Instagram, ranges from 400 and 500 euros, depending on whether you choose a sneaker or a half boot. They are beautiful.

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