We have discovered two outfits to be at home in Oysho that take the first prize for tasty, comfortable and warm


If you are one of those who put layers and layers at home to be warm. Misery is over. This season the homewear has come to stay. Yes, it’s time to put an end to old sweatshirts, jumpers with balls or t-shirts with holes to be at home. The day has come to invest in a set of good points, new sweaters and cardigans that have a thousand lives, both to watch a movie on the couch and to go out to buy bread. Oysho has taken the task very seriously and has launched a new collection in which comfort is the clear protagonist and its outfits, authentic delicacies to spend a day in the living room with the candles lit.

However, there have been two models that have caught our attention: they are tasty, super warm … and their colors have made us fall in love.

It is a soft knit set of long jacket, sweater and joggers that will make you feel on a cloud as soon as you touch them.

It is available in ivory, for the less romantic. However, for those who love pastel tones, pink is a true ‘win win’.

The jacket, (29.99 euros), the pants, (29.99 euros) and the sweater, (29.99 euros) form the perfect combo for a telework day or a weekend at home, but they are worthy enough to to go shopping -mask on, remember- without completely losing your dignity. We all come out winning, especially if you play mix and match and combine the pieces with a jean or even a basic shirt for the most relaxed days.

Item (s) added to the ‘wishlist’ in 3, 2, 1 …

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