We do not know if this mother's trick for her daughters to stand still and relax is the best but the most fun


Jessica D’Entremont was an anonymous mother from Massachusetts, in the United States. At least until, a few days ago, he found the trick with which he got his daughters to stand still for a while and give him a break to sit down to read or just enjoy the peace and quiet of a silent home. It is so effective that he shared it on social networks to advise other parents and went viral. Above all, for how funny it is.

It's about buying a reflective pajamas to the little ones and tell them that, in order for it to shine, it is necessary to charge the battery. Something that is done by dressing this garment and staying very still under the light on the room.

In case anyone does not believe it, Jessica has attached a graphic document to her Facebook account. This is a photo in which you can see how his two innocent daughters remain stretched on the floor, very stiff and without moving a single hair while they wait for their pajamas to fill with light.

In this publication, which has been shared so far 135 thousand times, the mother tells how they got home and the girls kept running: "they were hyperactive and I knew that to get them into bed there would be a lot of tears and we were going to have a crisis. "

In this way, Jessica could verify that the trick works twice and not only cut the hyperactivity immediately but also leave the girls relaxed to go to sleep.

Also, a trick for delay that they end up discovering the lie, as she herself tells us, is to store the pajamas in the morning in a drawer and thus not be exposed to any type of light.

If the comedic of the situation is taken into account, the truth is that they are all advantages.

Photos | Zara kids.

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