Water retention, because reducing it is important for health


Water retention is certainly the cause of several annoying blemishes that can create embarrassment, but it also causes health problems that are certainly worth knowing and avoiding. Find out what they are and how to regain well-being by defeating them.

Because water retention is closely linked to our health

Water retention is very common, especially among women, but it often also affects men. As we have already seen, the expression refers to the tendency of the body to retain fluids. In addition to causing a swelling that can be embarrassing, it is also the consequence of one bad circulation caused by kidney, cardiovascular or gastrointestinal disorders. The causes of water retention can therefore be pathological.

If you realize that you often suffer from this disorder, we recommend that you consult your doctor to better understand what it depends on.

When we talk about hydrating as much as possible, therefore, we not only refer to the need to help the body perform its functions correctly, but also to prevent health problems.

What are the causes related to health problems

Don’t keep an eye on it water retention, with thorough examinations, it can affect health. These could be the possible causes.

  • Some kidney, thyroid or liver disease.
  • Elements hormonal or genetic linked to periods of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause.
  • High alcohol consumption, which causes vasodilation and therefore inevitably slows down circulation.
  • Taking medications that contain cortisone or anti-inflammatories, or the birth control pill.
  • Smoking habit: nicotine has a vasoconstrictive effect, which stiffens arteries and veins.

How to prevent water retention

As mentioned before, it is possible to put in place some daily practices to prevent the hassles related to water retention. We know that “drink lots of water“Is fundamental: doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. repeat it to us. In particular, you should drink about two liters of natural water a day, especially low-mineralized or minimally mineralized. It is certainly a good start to take care of your body, but of course it is not enough!

Habits to prevent the problem

Do not overdo it with the alcohol consumption

Indulge in a glass of wine or beer with friends every now and then, but try to really minimize it. You will see that the sacrifice will be paid off and you will feel better!

Avoid wearing tight clothing that hinder the lymphatic circulation

All the clothes that compress too much are not recommended in case of water retention. Skinny jeans or jeggins are certainly among them. Sportswear with tight elastic bands and undergarments with straps that are too thin for your size can also cause you problems. For example, bras with straps that are too thin for your size cause the weight to be placed all over the shoulder, blocking circulation and promoting cellulite on the arms.
Green light therefore to dresses and skirts (the summer is approaching!) Or palazzo pants.

palazzo pants-water retention

follow a diet rich in fruit and vegetables

In particular, we recommend foods with a high content of vitamin C, because they improve the health of blood capillaries. Another type of food that is very good for the body is that of fibers, because it helps maintain intestinal regularity. It also prevents constipation, which is often a cause of water retention.

vitamin c - water retention

Try to wear shoes with heels 4 or 5 centimeters high

Those taller should be set aside for sporadic moments and in which you will tend to spend little time standing. But be careful: even shoes that are too flat or low to the ground such as slippers should only be used at home or at the beach. Even in this case, in fact, you risk compromising correct circulation.

low water retention heels

Adopt one lifestyle as much as possible active and avoid sedentary lifestyle as much as possible

We are not saying that you need to go to the gym, but sometimes it is enough to create situations for yourself stay in motion. For example, you can try to avoid taking the elevator and taking the stairs, or leave the car alone and walk, especially if you have little road to go. Also, if you can, try to set aside a moment of your own to run or walk quickly. It can really take you 20-30 minutes a couple of times a week. Try to be constant, you will see that moving will make you feel good: your mind and your body will thank you!

What are the consequences that can result from water retention

If neglected, water retention can give rise to varicose veins, favoring the appearance of last states of cellulite. In particular we are talking about fibrous cellulite, characterized by small nodules, and sclerotic cellulite characterized, instead, by large nodules and extremely painful to the touch.

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