Water retention, 10 ways to get rid of it


Water retention is quite a common occurrence and even if you suffer from it you should in no way feel uncomfortable. If you want to cut it down, though, try these super simple tricks.

Let’s start immediately by debunking some myths: orange peel and water retention are characteristics that almost all of us have in common and of which does not exist any reason to be ashamed.

Every body, indeed, it’s different, a question of genetics, nutrition, habits and how it reacts to external stimuli of different types.

Water retention is the tendency to retain liquids in the body, which then accumulate between one cell and another, generating abnormal swelling in some parts of the body such as the belly, thighs, buttocks and ankles.

The causes triggers are different, but one thing is certain: having a worry about it is very wrong and it is certainly not a banality similar to having to take your smile off.

However, when this phenomenon takes on slightly higher than average proportions and causes discomfort, it might be a good idea keep it under control, especially to safeguard general health.

So here it is 10 ways very simple to deal with water retention without fear and, above all, drama.

Decrease the use of salt

The salt is compound mainly from sodium, which by binding to water helps to maintain the balance of liquids both inside and outside the cells.

If there is an abundance of salt in your meals, this mechanism could become unbalanced and hold too much water. So try to limit its use or to avoid, as far as possible, foods that are particularly rich in them.

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

Get more magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral very important for overall health because it is involved in more than 300 processes that keep the body functioning properly. Among them, also the ability to counteract water retention.

To stock up on this beneficial element, you can eat nuts, whole grains, dark chocolate, and green leafy vegetables.

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

Add vitamin B6 to your diet

There vitamin B6 it is known above all for being decisive for the formation of red blood cells.

Among the many functions, however, there is one very important: the reduction of water retention.

Foods that contain it in abundance are broccoli, potatoes, nuts and meat. So try to consume them regularly.

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

Eat more bananas

When it comes to potassium the first food that comes to mind is the banana and in fact it is a very right thought since it is a fruit that contains in large quantities and that for this reason it is very suitable for counteracting water retention.

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

The benefits of potassium

The potassiumin fact, it is a mineral that performs several important functions, including maintaining heart health and fighting water retention. The latter benefit would be given by his own ability to decrease sodium levels in the body e increase urine output.

Allies at the table

In addition to bananas, you can also eat them to fill up on them avocado is tomatoes which are two real allies to put on the table!

Drink dandelion infusions

The dandelion, also known as dandelion, is a long-used herb such as natural diuretic because if consumed it causes you to pee more often.

These draining and purifying abilities make it a valuable ally in the fight against water retention.

Once dried, the dandelion leaves can be prepared in the form of an infusion to drink in the morning or in the evening on the advice of the herbalist or your doctor.

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

Avoid refined carbohydrates

Pizza, focaccia and everything that comes out of bakeries and related shops are among the best foods that exist, we know, but most of them have like base there White flour, who being part of the family of refined carbohydrates, it would go limited as much as possible.

Eating refined carbohydrates, in fact, leads to the elevation of insulin levels in the blood, which in turn causes the body to retain more sodium and, consequently, liquids.

Of course, it is not necessary to drastically eliminate culinary pleasures from your diet, but simply limit them a little’.

In addition to white flour, they are part of this category cereals is non-cane sugar.

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

Walk more

To do physical activity constant reactivates e strengthens the venous microcirculation and reduces water retention.

If you are not a super sportswoman, do not worry, to decrease the accumulation of liquids in some areas of the body such as the legs just do a walk at an average pace, of approx twenty minutes, at least three times a week.

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

Drink more water

It seems paradoxical but to remove the water in excess serves own drink more. This, in fact, induces you to pee more and purify the body, reducing water retention.

Here’s how to dispel further doubts: Water retention, you know the enemy: what is it? (Spoiler, it’s not cellulite!)

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

Drink cranberry juice

In addition to being very good, it seems that the blueberry juice have diuretic effects, especially if water retention is associated with circulation problems.

The juice can be drunk plain, in the form of blend it or milkshake or by eating directly i blueberries, alone or dipped in yogurt or porridge for breakfast.

0 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

Get draining massages

One last way to get rid of fluids faster and decrease swelling in certain parts of the body is to undergo a lymphatic drainage massage, which acts on the lymphatic system contributing to the disposal of excess toxins.

10 (super simple) ways to reduce water retention

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