Wasabi? He gets on his head. Take a root, grate it and then massage it into your hair. The result will upset you (quiet, it does not burn)


It will be a normal, seasonal thing, common to everyone, however, when hair loss becomes more abundant, we all go into paranoia. Men, yes, they know that baldness is something that affects them closely, but one is never prepared to be bald. For women, the matter is a little more delicate because, for a woman, hair is a symbol of femininity and seeing it fall is always a heart-breaking sight. But it can happen. For example, after childbirth, in autumn, when you follow too strict diets, when you have food shortages or hormonal changes, hair can weaken and fall out. Most of the time it is a normal and physiological phenomenon, other times there is something more serious and it is good to contact the dermatologist. Let’s take, however, the case of a normal hair loss, today we offer you a very special remedy that will surely make you skeptical. It has happened to us too but we have decided that we will try because, having tried them all, all we need is this. And since it seems to work great … Read on after the photo

They say it is even three times more effective than Minoxidil which has always been used to treat hair loss. Wow! But what are we talking about? Of a flavonoid called isosaponarin which, in nature, is found in very large quantities in wasabi. Exactly what we put in sushi. It is no coincidence that the discovery was made by Kinin, a Japanese company that produces the green sauce in question. Cosmopolitan then interviewed David Salinger, the director of the International Association of Trichologists, who confirmed that isosaponarine could act on the fibroblasts responsible for the hair growth factor, at the same time, the antioxidant 6-MITC would reduce the inflammation of the follicles associated with the fall. Read on after the photo

So the equation is: do I eat a lot of wasabi, does my hair get thicker? No. The product only works when applied locally. Therefore, the sauce should not be used, but the leaves of the plant with which it is prepared. The negative note: this very precious plant, however, is also one of the most difficult to cultivate in the world. So it will be good to turn to a herbalist’s shop to look for the dry extract or oils that contain the active substances, in order to create a lotion with which to stimulate the scalp. The most powerful effect, it must be said, is obtained by grating the fresh root which is then massaged into the scalp …

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