Voluminous lips: the tricks for perfect exfoliation


Doing a perfect exfoliation is one of the easiest and fastest ways to enlarge your lips. Plus, this operation brings a lot of other benefits that you probably don’t know about.

There are those who are naturally endowed with super plump lips a la Jessica Rabbit is whoinstead has them definitely thinner. If this second case is the one that comes close to your situation, know that you don’t have nothing to envy to the friend with more voluminous lips. The beauty of a smile, in fact, lies in the smile, certainly not in the more or less millimeters of the lips. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to try to enlarge them a little. There are so many ways to do this, but one of the most underrated is also one of the most effective: do a perfect exfoliation to your lips.

Aside from enlarging them then, exfoliating your lips brings a lot of other benefits that you should definitely know.


Why exfoliate your lips

The lips, especially in summer and winter when temperatures are very hot or very cold, they tend to get dry and to require good care, both to preserve their health and to improve their aesthetics.

Removes impurities

Regularly exfoliating your lips first and foremost a eliminate dead cells on the surface and the hateful ones cuticles anything but beautiful to look at.


Improve the application of lipstick

After doing this you will immediately realize how the lips appear a lot smoother, a fundamental aspect, above all in view of the drafting of the make-up.

Applying the lipstick on a smooth surface, in fact, makes the color fuller and more uniform and generates the optical illusion that makes the lips appear more voluminous than reality.


Reactivate the circulation

Furthermore, it rubbing necessary to exfoliate your lips reactivates the circulation and, by bringing more blood to the area, it makes them fuller and more colorful.

Promotes hydration

Finally, exfoliation promotes cell renewal and allows balms, masks or other treatments to penetrate more and increase their benefits.

Drink plenty of water first

Before even moving on to exfoliation, to keep the lips plump is essential to drink.

Don’t understand what the connection is? Simple, if you are dehydrated, one of the first effects is it emptying of the lips, which then look even smaller. Maintaining a good level of hydration, on the other hand, invigorates them.


How to exfoliate your lips with ready-made products

For lips all to kiss, there are different types of scrubs that you can take into consideration.

If you are lazy or have never done this, a tip could be to start by using a lip balmor that it contains micro exfoliating granules. The Rthe result is milder than other solutions but can help you familiarize yourself with the feeling.

Alternatively, there are several exfoliating products, which usually come in the form of transparent gel, in which harder balls are clearly visible. They will be the ones to do the exfoliation work.

The frequency of use is usually indicated on the packaging but indicatively once a week that might be enough.


How to do a natural exfoliation

Super green and fun alternative, can be to create exfoliating compounds with natural elements. The only caution you need to take in this case is to make sure you don’t be allergic to the ingredients you use, since you will have to spread them over your mouth.

For the rest you can go to the kitchen and get carried away by your imagination, taking into account that a good scrub should not lack a moisturizing and emollient element and, of course, a grainy one that acts as an exfoliant.

If you’re running out of ideas, here are some top tips for making your own home made lip exfoliator.

Honey and sugar lip scrub

This combination is perhaps one of the best known, precisely because of the recognized effects and also suitable for the most sensitive lips.

Get a spoon of honey and one spoon of sugar (cane if you want thicker granules, white if you prefer them fine) and mix them to form a uniform mixture.

Put it on your lips with your fingers and complete circular movements delicate. Leave him on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse.


White sugar and yogurt lip scrub

If you prefer to exfoliate your lips in an extremely delicate way, the right ally for you is it yogurt, known not only for being very good to eat, also for its nutritional capacity.

Mix a teaspoon with the same amount of white sugar and apply it on the lips following the procedure of the honey and sugar-based scrub.


Chilli lip scrub

For really volumize, the most suitable solution is to use the chili pepper but we must warn you: the compound we are about to offer you it might pinch a little at the time of application. Nothing excessive but the risk is there.

The volumizing capacities of chilli are known, so much so that cosmetic companies use this ingredient more and more often to make products designed for this purpose. One example above all: i gloss pump. Chilli in fact activates the micro circulation, helping to make the lips fuller and more voluminous.

To create a scrub, mix some powder with honey and brown sugar and apply it as in the previous cases.


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