Voluminous lips, the natural remedies to get them


Did nature give you thin, volumeless lips, while you dreamed of having them plump and sensual? There are several natural remedies to plump them up and give them thickness and liveliness. Find out what they consist of!

To have full, voluminous and full lips, you don’t necessarily need to resort to cosmetic surgery. Of course, don’t expect miracles, but know that you will certainly notice differences if you resort to natural methods that have the power to plump the lips and increase their turgor.

Keep reading this article, we will reveal 5 tricks for a visibly more voluminous and attractive mouth!

Always keep your lips soft and hydrated with a scrub

As for the body, also for the lips it is necessary, from time to time, to carry out a good exfoliation in such a way as to make them softer and smoother, eliminating excess cuticles.

lip scrub

The recipe for a homemade lip scrub

Make a compound of sugar and olive oil, mixing the two ingredients until a creamy consistency is obtained, but absolutely not liquid.

Apply the exfoliant to the entire area of ​​the lips, massaging them gently for five minutes in circular motions.

Never give up on lip balm

The lip stick it is an indispensable product to have well-groomed and turgid lips, to always keep at hand or in your handbag. We recommend that you opt for one based jojoba oil, shea butter is Argan. This formulation ensures a plumping and moisturizing action and above all an irresistible lip gloss effect that can last several hours!

lip stick

Even the lips need to be “trained” with exercises!

Believe it or not, exercises and lip massages they are very useful for making them much more voluminous, as they stimulate blood circulation. There are several practices to be performed to get a soft and fleshy mouth in a few minutes, just repeat them consistently (like any workout, on the other hand!).

exercises to make the lips more voluminous

Simulate kisses on the back of your hand

You can puff up your lips by trying to simulate kisses on the back of your hand. Keep your lips in place for a couple of seconds, then repeat this step.

Pretend you’re blowing a candle

Pretending to blow a candle like it’s your birthday helps make your mouth swell. Say the letter “O”, holding the position for about 10 seconds inflating the cheeks, then hold the air and finally exhale slowly!

Make a nice smile!

Make a big smile with closed teeth and clenched mouth. Maintain this position for about 15/20 seconds, after which bring your lips forward and form an “O”.

Harness the power of lipstick

Lipstick is a great ally to highlight the lips, making them look more large is full and getting a pumpling effect irresistible.

As for clothing, in which black slims down, dark colors also tend to reduce the shape considerably at the level of lip makeup. For this reason, we recommend that you choose full, bright and vibrant colors.

girl applies lipstick

Here are a few steps to make your lips all kissable:

  • pass over the mouth a moisturizing primer, which will not only make it softer, but will also allow the make-up to last longer;
  • apply a nude lipstick and draw the outline with a slightly darker shade pencil;
  • apply your chosen lipstick and then add a gloss, but only in the center to create an optical effect that will make your lips appear more voluminous.
  • Alternatively, apply a lip gloss all over your mouth on top of the lipstick – it will look much more plump!

Put some chili … In your make up!

On the market there are various lipsticks and glosses containing chili pepper. This ingredient, thanks to its power that stimulates microcirculation, helps to make the mouth very turgid and healthy, leaving an effect that certainly does not last over time, but which remains for at least two hours.

If you don’t want to go shopping in perfumery, you can also create a spicy lip balm by directly exploiting what you find in your pantry.

How to use chilli oil

To get more voluminous and turgid lips, just apply a small amount of chilli oil on the lips and massage gently for a few minutes. After letting the product sit for a few minutes, rinse and apply a moisturizing conditioner.

As an alternative to chilli oil you can try mint oil! The important thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you will have a rather annoying burning sensation.

applying chilli oil on the lips

Discover the lip strobing technique

Want to recreate a sparkling strobe on your lips for an attractive and bright effect that catches the eye? Discover the technique of lip strobing, which simply consists of creating light spots on the lips using the highlighter.

How to make lip strobing for a voluminous lip effect

  • Start by doing a good one scrub to the lips and subsequently applying a lip stick moisturizing.
  • Track the lip contour with a pencil and start by applying a lipstick possibly with a metallic finish. If you don’t have one, still try to use a product that is not overly opaque.
  • Take your illuminating and apply it first in the center of the lower lip and then on the cupid’s bow, blending it gently.
    We recommend that you choose a product in cream, very easy to apply with a brush, precise and modular.

lip strobing

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