Voluminous lips only with make-up: all ways


The number one technique for showing off beautiful lips is to smile, but if yours seems too thin and you’d like to fill them in a little, try these foolproof make-up techniques for voluminous lips.

Usually lips, as well as any other part of the face and body, have dimensions in harmony with the rest of the features. This is because nature hardly makes any missteps, so if yours seem subtle you shouldn’t worry about it at all, but appreciate them for what they are. However, if you want to have fun with makeup, know that they exist some strategies that can make lips look plump.

Most of the time, in fact, it is not absolutely necessary, to undergo invasive cosmetic surgery or expensive and time-consuming treatments, just use a few small tricks while putting on makeup.

Ready to mark yourself all the tips to have voluminous lips only thanks to make-up?

Learn the overlining technique

If there is a make up product that can not absolutely miss you in case your goal is to have voluminous lips, it is there pencil.

Outline the perimeter in which going to apply the lipstick is in fact fundamental.

The color to choose is the same as lipstick, at most a lighter tone. Once you have identified the right one, it is essential to lay it out perfectly.

To give the illusion of having voluminous lips, the line it must be traced slightly off the natural edge of the lips, both lower and upper.


Copy the stars

If you are afraid of making mistakes, they exist online lots of tutorials who teach how to replicate this technique step by step. Alternatively, take a ride on the social profiles of some celebs. Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, are crazy about this technique, but also the very Italian Chiara Ferragni he uses it often, especially when wearing nude lipsticks.


Contour your lips

Who said that the contouring should be applied only to the face? There is no more wrong statement, given that even the lips, or rather their outline, can be sculpted with light – dark games that closely resemble this technique.

To put it into practice, there are two products to rely on: illuminating and bronzer.


Where to apply the illuminant

L’glow effect enhances almost any beauty look, and the one designed to make the lips voluminous is no exception.

After applying the lipstick, dab a thin layer of highlighter over cupid’s bow. Creating a point of light in this area, which catches the eye right there, will in fact immediately make the lips appear larger.

What is the bronzer for

If it must be illuminated above, to create strategic contrasts, at the bottom it must darken.

Then take a small brush, even better if it has a flat tip, and draw with a bronzer a thin line under the lower lip, in the central part. Even this little shading will help make the lips look voluminous.


Choose the right lipstick

Not all colors of lipsticks they do us justice in the same way, this is well known. If until now, however, the only parameter of choice you have used is personal taste and how much that color is homologated to the tone of your skin and hair, know that perfect color it can be decisive also to make lips look voluminous.


Better light colors

Just like a black dress creates the optical illusion of increased thinness, even a dark lipstick can he do the same thing, that is give the idea that your lips are even smaller of the real. Choose then medium to light colors. Green light to all shades of pink and reds, as long as you stop before you get to burgundy.


Under a warm tone

Attention also to the sub-tone. The warm-based nuance with orange tips inside they are more suitable for small lips compared to the cold ones with a blue base, which optically shrinks.

Creamy textures

Finally, to thin lips the shiny and creamy finish gives more than the matte one. For those who cannot resist the velvet effect, the advice is to opt for the mat velvet formulas, which have greater thickness and brightness than the traditional opaque ones.

Create shadows on the sides of the mouth

Also in this case as in that of contouring, it is about calibrate colors and light levels, in order to direct the gaze in some points, highlighting them.

For natural but visibly larger lips get two nude shades similar, one slightly darker than the other.

Apply the dark color at the ends of the lips, e the lighter one in the center. With a soft brush where they touch, so that you don’t feel the detachment. Alternatively, you can use only one color and tap a veil of gloss in the center.


Use volumizing conditioners or glosses

One last tip is not a make-up technique but rather a shopping tip. Have you ever thought about relying on volumizing gloss or lip balms?

Many brands, for some years, have been offering them, and in this case, a moment will really be enough to have voluminous lips.

Volumizing products are formulated to promote blood flow to the lips, and consequently to make them increase in volume in a natural way.

The secret ingredient for generating this reaction is almost always the chili pepper, which when present causes the lips to pinch slightly. Don’t worry though, it is a momentary sensation.


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