Voluminous lips, all the secrets to having them naturally


If you want voluminous lips like celebs, but without resorting to surgery, you can’t help but know these techniques also used by your favorite celebs.

If the Kardashian family – Jenner taught us something, is that treatments and make up when used wisely can create voluminous lips and a plumping effect very similar to that which would be obtained by resorting to cosmetic surgery, but without great costs and extra recovery time.

If you have thin lips and would like them fuller then, before thinking about invasive solutions, try some of these techniques.


This is the step number one for lip care.

A non-homogeneous surface, indeed, reflects light less therefore leaving dead cells and cuticles in their place can lead to the opposite result compared to that hoped for: making the lips appear smaller than they actually are.

To get rid of any impurities, do one regularly scrub with a product containing micro granules, or with one mixture of honey and sugar. Alternatively, you can also brush them lightly with a toothbrush. Doing this in addition to exfoliating circulation also increases, giving you a rosy tint without makeup.


Hydrates, hydrates, hydrates

When the body is dehydrated, yours lips wrinkle and disappear. So make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Don’t forget the lip balm

In addition to moisturizing the lips by drinking the right amount of water, lay out of them with regularity a balm that softens them. This way, in addition to being healthier, they will also look bigger.

Rely on a lip pencil

Before Kendall Jenner surgically improve her lips, he used this trick to make them look bigger.

Putting it into practice is very simple: apply your corrector favorite on the lips to make them similar to the color of the skin around, then draw a line slightly outside than the natural one using a pencil. Now fill them with the matching lipstick.


Create a light point

This trick super fast will help you draw attention to your smile and make your lips look voluminous.

Get a transparent lip gloss and roll out a small amount in the center of both the upper and lower ones. The gloss collects the light, creating the illusion of fuller lips.

This technique works both on bare lips and on top of a lipstick.


Try a plumping treatment

There are several on the market plumping balms, glosses and treatments which perform this function by acting from the outside and without needles.

The most functional are those based on chilli which by dilating the blood vessels and activating the micro circulation, give lips more voluminous instantly.


Learn the layering technique

Layering the colors generates an optical illusion such as to make the lips seem voluminous while not being particularly.

Here’s how to do it: apply one shades of lipstick all over your mouth, so cover it, just in the central part, with a color slightly clearer or a white lip liner. Stretch out, finally over the entire surface another lipstick, little darker of the first.

In addition to making your lips look voluminous, this makeup helps to standardize them. If you have a fuller upper lip and a smaller lower lip, or vice versa, try applying the lighter shade only to the smaller lip.


Create a shadow under the lower lip

After applying the lipstick, take some ground powder or a dark product that you usually use for contouring and with a thin brush make a small mark under the lower lip.

This creates a slight shadow and makes the lips look more pouting and voluminous.


Make a maskto

The masks designed for this part of the face are many and with the most disparate functions.

Among the shelves of your favorite perfumery you will surely find some rich in plumping agents, the effect of which is precisely to create voluminous lips. When making your choice, make sure that the formula in addition to performing this task nourish, improves the grain and makes them smoother.

The most popular types are those in fabric, which must be placed directly on the lips for a few minutes so that the beneficial ingredients can penetrate them. If you don’t like them you can opt for a night mask that you apply like a balm stick.


Try the Gua Sha massage

Coming from Eastern tradition, this technique usually it is used to smooth the skin of the face and consists of pass a cold stone over it, exerting slight pressure.

The initial sensation you get while doing it is one of warmth, and is revealed right from the name, which consists of two words: gua, which means to rub, and sha, which instead means warmth.

However, the Gua Sha technique can be used even on the lips, all you need is one jade stone, rose quartz or obsidian, which you can find directly in the perfumery.

After preparing your lips by washing and drying them, take the stone and apply a gentle, but fast, pressure on the outside of the lips. This will cause friction around the lips and help plump them up and bring out their natural color


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