Vitamin C: how to use it in summer and dedicated products


Vitamin C is a real cure-all for the skin, but when should it be used and, above all, can it continue to be applied even in the hottest months?

Does skincare need to be changed with the heat? And, above all, the Vitamin C can be applied in the summer? If you have asked yourself at least one of these questions, it is good to do a maxi review on your skincare.

As you know your skin changes and not only with the passing of the years, but also due to external agents such as, for example, the sun, the sun’s rays and UVA and UVB radiation. Loss of tone, the appearance of first wrinkles and the premature photoaging these are just some of the effects that the sun can cause on everyone’s skin.

And beyond one correct exposure and the use of the best sunscreens of the summer, it is good to modify the skincare precisely during the summer and the summer period by choosing light and perfect products against the heat.

Why use vitamin C

Glow effect, full skin and no wrinkles? All this can be done by vitamin C, which must never be lacking in one balanced diet and corrected through the intake of citrus fruits, peppers, kiwis and spinach, it can also be added to the skincare.

In fact, studies have shown that local application is much more effective for the skin. Precisely for this reason it is good to use ad hoc products such as serums, cleansing gels and creams that contain this ingredient.

There C vitaminin fact, it has a strong antioxidant power and its action prevents aging as well as protects against free radicals. In addition, the main benefits of direct application on the face are:

  • anti aging
  • anti stains
  • illuminating

The stimulation of collagen production, given by Vitamin C, essential for plumped and turgid skin, should not be underestimated.

Can vitamin C be used in the summer?

The answer is yes! First of all because Vitamin C has photoprotective properties: even without being a solar filter it performs the same function. The sun’s rays, in fact, destroy ascorbic acid, a component that prevents oxidation of the skin, and this vitamin, thanks to its antioxidant power, allows it to be preserved.

If your concern is that Vitamin C is photosensitizer, that is, which makes the skin more susceptible to sun exposure, you must know that this is not the case. Vitamin C, like all other vitamins, is photosensitive that is, it changes when it comes into contact with light often losing its properties, but this does not damage the skin.

It is also true that some products based on this vitamin are recommended only for night use, but all this is due to other ingredients present in the formula. For example many vitamin C serums also contain ascorbic acid which is photosensitizing and therefore does not get along well with exposure under the sun.

Vitamin C products to know (and use)

From cleansers to eye contours, there are a lot of vitamin C products to add to summer skincare. Here we have selected the must haves for a skin withextra glow effect.

OleHenriksen, Banana Bright Eye Crème – An eye contour, brightening and rich in vitamin C. Inspired by banana powder, to facilitate the application and duration of the concealer. Its light yellow tint is designed to instantly brighten and color correct.

Belif, Aqua Bomb Brightening Vitamin C Cream – Aqua Bomb moisturizing cream in a new revitalizing version enriched with vitamins C and E, as well as a complex consisting of 4 types of hyaluronic acid. A moisturizing formula rich in vitamins, for an ultra-luminous complexion and a soft and perfectly hydrated skin.

RoC, MULTI CORREXION Revive + Glow Cream cleansing gel – Able to rid the skin of impurities, it gives the skin the necessary vitamin C charge. It cleanses without depriving the natural hydration, giving immediate brightness to the skin

Locherber Skincare, Milky Way Instant Glow Eye Contour Cream – illuminating eye contour to give light to the eyes and reduce signs of fatigue. With poppy extracts, to stimulate microcirculation, and Vitamin C to protect against external agents and free radicals.

Natura Bissé, C + C VITAMIN SHEER FLUID SPF 25 – a colored firming moisturizer for a luminous, elastic, protected and even complexion.

REN Skincare, Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream – visibly brighter, toned and hydrated skin after just 7 days of application. Visibly reduces hyperpigmentation and energizes dull skin.

Agenov Tropical Fruit, Vitamin C serum – a serum with acerola water, which contains a quantity of vitamin C from 20 to 40 times higher than orange and has an antioxidant, illuminating and anti-aging action.

The Organic Pharmacy, Stabilized Vitamin C Serum 15% – a highly effective and targeted serum against tired skin with an irregular consistency. The main ingredient is stabilized vitamin C which counteracts skin aging by stimulating the production of collagen.

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