VIPs who prove that the bikini has no age


Bikini? Of course yes, and of course at all ages. Here are 10 wonderful celebrities (but there are many more) that show us how much the bikini is really the right swimsuit for anyone, always and at every stage of their life.

  • Jennifer Lopez, Latin bikini
  • Salma Hayek, what a charm!
  • Elisabetta Gregoraci, an all-Italian bikini
  • Halle Berry, icon of cinema and bikini
  • Sabrina Salerno, from queen of music to queen of bikini
  • Gisele Bundchen, an angel in costume
  • Katy Jacobs, a bikini that has no age
  • Courteney Cox, irony and sensuality
  • Cristina d’Avena, fabulous voice and bikini
  • Sabrina Ferilli, a woman with a timeless charm

Who said that after a certain age it would be better to give up the king of all customs, the bikini, opting for a model (perhaps, but not that much) more opaque like the whole one? We hope none, first because regardless of whatever everyone is free to wear what they prefer, second because there is a lot of evidence to the contrary.

And it is not so much who carries it, but how it is carried. With confidence, pride in themselves and that pinch of self-esteem that each of us should always have. Here, then, are some VIPs who show us how much the bikini is the right swimsuit for anyone who decides to wear it. At every stage of your wonderful life!

Jennifer Lopez, latin bikini

Successful singer, actress, dancer and businesswoman. Jennifer Lopez, born in 1969, is the queen of the stage (in all its forms) and also of the beaches. Latin physique, soft and sculpted at the same time, which makes her at fifty one of the sexiest women on the planet. With any outfit, whether in tracksuit or bikini.

And what about the latter? Judging by the photos Jennifer Lopez really has nothing to envy to anyone. Always beautiful and at ease with herself is the proof that no, the bikini has no age, especially when you love each other. And it’s good to enjoy it until you feel like it.

Salma Hayek, that charm!

Same thing goes for actress Salma Hayek. Beautiful and with generous curves, she said she was not always comfortable with her physicality but that she did learned to love it in all its facets and that you have no problem showing it. And why on earth should it after all?

It is enough to look at her amazing photos in a bikini to realize how splendid this woman is, in her 50s, with the energy of a girl but with the awareness given by maturity. A amazing mix of charm and sensuality.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, an all-Italian bikini

And what about the undisputed protagonist of the Italian summer. Successful host and mom since breathtaking physique. For Elisabetta Gregoraci time never seems to pass, but even if it were with his contagious smile he would be able to erase it in a second.

Always gorgeous and perfect with any outfit, she gives her best in a bikini. With a physique sculpted by fitness and enhanced even more by joy and energy that the beautiful Elizabeth knows how to convey anytime and anywhere.

Halle Berry, icon of cinema and bikini

A perfect and sexy Bond Girl with one of the most famous bikinis in cinema, Halle Berry a few days ago he blew out 55 candles but judging by some shots posted on Instagram, you wouldn’t think so. Or maybe yes. Because in her, all the awareness and charm of maturity and at the same time aenormous grit, vitality and energy.

The same one that fascinated the public twenty years ago in the James Bond film and that still seduces anyone who watches it. In short, who better than her could pay homage to the king of costumes? None, it is in fact does very well to show it off!

Sabrina Salerno, from queen of music to queen of bikini

And to stay on the subject of “icons”, one cannot fail to mention one of our own. The queen of 80s / 90s music who with the summer hit “Boys” conquered the charts of the most listened and sold records. In addition to becoming the undisputed protagonist of summer and beaches. Yesterday like today.

Because Sabrina Salerno, born in 1968 in a bikini it is truly amazing, for over thirty years! Without losing a single ounce of charm, but rather buying it year after year (and the likes on Instagram amply demonstrate this). As if to say, it would be nice to know her secrets to try them on right away and ensure a beach look like hers right now.

Gisele Bundchen, an angel in costume

Particular signs, beautiful. Do you want for the healthy and balanced diet, for the lifestyle and for the gifts that Mother Nature has given her, Gisele Bundchen in a bikini she really looks like an angel. It is no coincidence that she has worn the wings of the Victoria’s Secret Angels for years, but at over forty the former supermodel sports a awareness and a love for herself that, beyond the statuesque body, make her really crazy!

If the secret to all of this is simply self-care, both inside and out, then maybe we could start doing it all!

Katy Jacobs, a bikini that has no age

And if at the age of 56, the model Kathy Jacobs was chosen for the second time in a row by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, then it is really clear that the bikini, as well as the beauty, is ageless. In her Instagram account she shows her life, her work as a model (just think of a bikini), her workouts.

In short, everything that concerns her and that made her famous and the greatest testimonial of how age, in fact, is just a number that you just need to know how to carry with elegance. The best way to always stay on the crest of the wave of your life, obviously in a bikini!

Courteney Cox, irony and sensuality

Bikini? No problem! For Courteney Cox, the beloved protagonist of one of the most irreverent TV series “Friends”, time has done a lot of good. In addition to making it more and more ironic, in fact, he gives her, day after day, a fairytale look.

Also thanks to the acquired awareness and his disarming smile. As if to say, at 57 Courteney Cox is a mix of charm and sensuality truly inimitable!

Cristina d’Avena, voice and fabulous bikini

And returning to Italy, one cannot fail to mention her, the woman who accompanied the childhood of all of us with her voice (and continues to do so). But not only. Because Cristina d’Avena, in addition to the sweet voice, she is also a beautiful woman and she shows it to us in every photo of her at the sea where she shows off really amazing bikinis. A unique look as are the memories related to his songs.

In short, Cristina d’Avena it is truly iconic, in everything she does (and in every bikini she wears!).

Sabrina Ferilli, a woman with a timeless charm

Born in 1964, actress with extraordinary talent and success and testimonial par excellence of timeless beauty. Sabrina Ferilli has been showing off and enchanting for years with her bikinis, always wonderful.

For her time really never seems to pass, or rather, despite steps it leaves no trace but only splendid details capable of making it absolutely amazing. And with a smile like hers to embellish everything you can’t really resist it!

And these are just some of the celebrities and women who testify that age doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to wearing a bikini. A costume with a unique character who only needs the right self-esteem and self-awareness to be carried divinely well, at any stage of one’s life.

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