VIPs that are even more beautiful in summer: what a splendor!


The sun makes you beautiful. This is supported by a famous popular saying and observing some VIPs it seems that it has a concrete equivalent in reality. Here are the ones that are even more wow than usual this summer.

In summer, thanks to the carefree, longer days and the possibility of having more hours of free time than in winter, the faces are almost always more radiant compared to winter. Smiles, tanning and widespread happiness make all of us even more beautiful but there are VIPs that stand out in this particular skill, or rather luck.

Here are the celebrities who are even more beautiful in the summer than usual.

Michelle Hunziker

Super Michelle every summer she never contradicts herself and year after year she shows us how time has stopped for her. His 2021 holidays are dedicated to the sea and the family.

Secret weapon

Its natural beauty that enhances with the use of very little makeup, in the summer she expresses herself to the maximum but to officially give her the pass to enter the virtual club of the even more beautiful VIPs in this period, are the abs carved.

Belen Rodriguez

New mom of the little Luna Marì, born on 12 July 2021, Belen is the Italian VIP par excellence, for which the adjective beautiful risks being too simplistic. Less present than usual on social media lately, he sported a physique at the top until the ninth month of gestation.

Secret weapon

What makes her radiant this summer, however, is not the sculptural body or the latest make-up product used, but the maternity, which made her own features even sweeter and more sensual.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian clan it is fantastic at any time of the year and Kim, of all, is undoubtedly the brightest star. Her photos in costume or with the always flawless makeup worthy of a red carpet are legend and in recent weeks it has not gone unnoticed even during his Roman holiday in the company of his friend Kate Moss.

Secret weapon

In this summer 2021, however, to make her even more beautiful are her hair, very bright, super smooth and long now beautiful beyond the hips, which transform it into a contemporary Rapunzel.

Giulia De Lellis

Fresh from his first test as a conductor, at the helm of Love Island Italy, the influencer with almost 5 million followers certainly does not need the summer to shine but perhaps the month spent in the Canary Islands to shoot the episodes of the dating show made her more radiant that never.

Secret weapon

Top tan that makes the use of make-up almost useless.

Ashley Graham

Great example of body positivity, the plus size model has made the enhancement of her physicality the key to success.

Extra weapon

On social networks she recently shared shots that immortalize her stretch marks, to emphasize that even those that may appear to be defects, are actually nothing more than unique features.

But to make this vip radiant in the summer of 2021 is also another detail: the second pregnancy announced in recent days.

Paola Turani

Influencer among the best known, Paola Turani has accustomed us over the years to breathtaking shots that highlighted hers physique to scream. This year, however, there is something new: a baby on the way which made her body even more harmonious and sensual.

Secret weapon

One of its primary aesthetic features are i curly hair that this year, perhaps also thanks to hormones, are brighter than ever.

Diletta Leotta

Holidays of love for the football girl par excellence, who is touring the Mediterranean with her boyfriend, the sex symbol Can Yaman.

Secret weapon

We usually see her with always perfect make-up and hair but what makes her even more beautiful this summer is, on the contrary, that look soap and water devoid of make-up and styling that she decided to show off, abandoning all formalities.

Valentina Ferragni

Paladin of body positivity, has always had to deal with those who criticize his physique which, according to the haters, would not be worthy of being shown. She rightly shrugs and proudly continues her professional and personal path, showing all of us girls how every body is beautiful and to love.

Secret weapon

THE super fluo costumes which she flaunts with ease, highlighting her forms as a beautiful Italian girl.


Her red hair it’s unmistakable and that’s enough to make us shout wow every time we see it. Gorgeous, sunny and radiant, this summer is around Italy to make us dance to the notes of his latest single, showing off a breathtaking physique, but that’s not the only thing that makes it beautiful.

Secret weapon

As she has often told herself, the outward change is the result of a path that has allowed it to find itself, and it is this new awareness that makes it radiant.

Matilda De Angelis

Doe eyes and grit to sell, Matilda De Angelis, despite being still very young, with her performances as an actress has already become one of the most popular Italian VIPs in the world.

Secret weapon

Her image is extremely simple and among the winning cards, there are the spontaneity with which she loves to show even those that for many are defects, such as acne, or a tired face without make-up, which however make it even more beautiful.

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