Vip with stretch marks: celebs who show them without fear


Beauty rhymes with … stretch marks! And any other detail or “imperfection” of our body that makes us unique and wonderful! Here are the celebs who have made their stretch marks an example of absolute beauty and authenticity! All united under the sign of body positive!

That perfection does not exist is known. But that beauty has nothing to do with having no defect or alleged imperfection perhaps a little less so. The good thing is that more and more women (and men) are realizing this. Including celebs from all over the world, which to the sound of hashtag pro body positive and super nature shots, they show themselves in all their beauty, including stretch marks.

Those slight streaks (which affects about 80% of women and 30% of men) that can form on legs, buttocks, thighs or even chest, as a result of hormonal disorders, too drastic diets, sudden weight loss or gain. Or any other episode that causes the skin to lose elasticity and tone. A detail that, for some women, is a real imperfection. But for others, as many celebs have done, it is one beautiful and characteristic part of one’s splendid body. Here, then, are some of the celebrities who are not afraid to show their stretch marks, in a riot of authentic and natural beauty.

Demi Lovato, glittery stretch marks

Paladin of rights and spokesperson for the concept of inclusiveness and the freedom to express oneself for who she really is, Demi Lovato is also a woman who is not afraid to show herself exactly what she is. Stretch marks included. And it does so with a style that certainly does not go unnoticed. How? By giving him new light and color.

stretch marks demi lovato

Indeed, it is one thing appear natural. It is one thing to enhance your alleged defects by sprinkling them with glitter. By immortalizing them and making them visible to millions of followers. The reason? Simply thelove for herself and her own uniqueness.

And the desire to show those who follow her how important it is love your body in every little facet (or stretch mark that it is). By sprinkling them with light, exactly like the one we all have, just by showing ourselves as we are.

Lais Ribeiro, “angel” and normality

Beautiful model and Victoria’s Secret angel on the one hand, young extraordinarily normal woman on the other. Lais Ribeiro makes no secret of her stretch marks and flaunts them with absolute tranquility (and why on earth it shouldn’t).

You will say a sporadic example. Absolutely not. Like her, in fact also other beautiful protagonists of the catwalks they make no secret of their stretch marks as an example:

  • Adriana Lima;
  • Bella Hadid;
  • Sara Sampaio;
  • Kelsey Merritt;
  • Etc.

After all (although there may be a doubt given their extraordinary beauty) they are human beings too and as such provided with all those small or large “defects” that make everyone’s body a set of unique and inimitable details and features. And that there is not the slightest reason not to show off with pride, with or without angel wings. But always with pride and that touch of self confidence capable of make us absolutely beautiful.

Micol Olivieri, stretch marks as a sign of life

Former actress of ‘I Cesaroni’, today she is a splendid full-time mother (or almost), Micol Oliviero has no problem showing her body without filters or like-catching touches. Also because of like, in his photos in which he shows himself in all its natural beauty, already takes a lot.

A woman proud of herself and her body and who makes no secret of those small stretch marks that accompany her every day and remind her of her experience, from adolescence to today. But without taking anything away from its indisputable charm. Because, as Micol herself says, “Always improve, but recognize yourself in your body is the most beautiful part of being a woman, ALWAYS LOVE YOU! “. And there really is no better message than this.

Lady Gaga, transformism and authenticity

One of the most celebrities eccentric and transformist of the international music scene but also a real woman, who despite having based her career on “disguise” and on a look that is often over the top, he is not afraid to appear natural. Lady Gaga makes no secret of hers beautiful imperfections (if we want to call them that), including stretch marks on the breasts.

Yes, you got it right. These pink streaks (or other beautiful colors) can also form on the breast and, as Lady Gaga demonstrates in the photos posted on social media, it takes nothing away from her sexy and seductive side. Showing itself in all its authenticity and bursting beauty. Without filters and without any desire to change from what it really is. And if the queen of disguises does it, why shouldn’t we do it all? Proud and aware of their beautiful body, all.

Arisa, stretch marks in the name of body positive

Arisa is undoubtedly one of the celebs that most supports body positive, inviting her audience to accept yourself exactly as you are. Without fear or any kind of hesitation, because each part of us is absolutely unique and irresistible. A woman who has transformed his insecurities (and trust us we all have them) in his best weapon.

By giving us, in addition to the indisputable beauty of his voice, also the undeniable charm and seduction that only acceptance and self-awareness can give. Also thanks to the love of those close to you (in addition to the indispensable one that everyone must have for himself). And that, as the singer says, allows you to find every little or big imperfection “delicious” (yes even stretch marks). And what’s better than being the number one fan of yourself?

After all, we all have sides that we don’t like (even those who pretend not to have them) or at least this happens up to a certain point in their lives. Exactly until you do learn to look at yourself with new eyes.

Allowing him and allowing himself to see that every little part of us is one essential and unique element of who we are. And that together they are able to give us an authentic, genuine and absolutely exceptional beauty.

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