Vip with hips dips: the celebrities who exalt them


Hips dips, what a passion! If you too are among the lucky ones to have them, it certainly cannot be said that you are not among the coolest girls of the moment. Just like the VIPs who have made it a real trend. Here are the famous hips dippers who, like you, are proud of their beautiful violin hips!

Each body has its own peculiarities. Things they like best and things they like less. Unless you learn to value them, transforming them into real strengths. To be shown with the right pride as a beautiful, unique and inimitable distinctive trait. An example? The hips dips, or those recesses that, based on the bone conformation of the body, are formed between the hip and the thigh, right at the height of the hips.

A feature that if until some time ago was considered a defect, today it has become one of the major trends on social media. And this is also thanks to the celebs who have them and who, all united under the hastagh #hipsdips and #bodyposity, have turned them into a real fashion. Combined at the forefront to enhance the beauty of the body in every single aspect. Here, then who are the more hips dippers to follow and from which to take an example, to learn to love one’s “violin hips” and to highlight them with skill and pride.

Bella Hadid: fashion show hips dips

Paladin number one of the hips dips, capable of enchanting the viewer with any look, is the splendid Bella Hadid. Young, self-confident and capable of making the most of this peculiarity of her body, whether in costume or underwear (as often seen during Victoria’s Secret fashion shows), or with any other type of clothing.

In short, a real style icon and certainly the most representative of the hips dippers famous. A riot of beauty and self-confidence that make Bella Hadih (and her violin hips) one of the most sought after and desired models by stylists all over the world. A good reason for copy her look and make the most of your hips dips, right?

Which clothing to choose with hips dips

To do this, just follow a few simple style trick how:

  • opt for low-rise pants, which accentuate the wave;
  • skinny pant or tight leggings;
  • sheath dresses that follow the natural lines of your body.

Always preferring light and soft fabrics.

Ashley Graham: champion of body positive

And speaking of soft lines we cannot fail to mention the beautiful Ashely Graham, the most famous and beloved curvy model of the moment. Ironic, sensual and number one spokesperson for body positive. A true, authentic and healthy beauty. Who are not interested in the unreal canons proposed by the company but which is proud and proud of all its splendid forms, including hips dips.

It is no coincidence that even Mattel (the manufacturer of the most stylish doll in the world) has created a Barbie with the features of Ashley Graham, bringing a clear message to all girls and women in the world “love each other exactly as you are, that is, beautiful“. With all your peculiarities, none excluded.

Miley Cyrus, voice and hips dips to scream

Eccentric, quick-change and unconventional. But above all that never goes unnoticed. Miley Cyrus is one of the most loved and followed pop stars on social media. Always ready to be talked about for her extraordinary voice and for her looks, always different and iconic, but which all have one point in common: enhance her natural beauty and her body.

Whether it’s wearing very tight bodysuits or rompers during concerts or sheath dresses and pants that outline their shapes, it is clear that Miley loves her body and her beautiful hips dips (and how to blame her). The perfect example of how, the most important thing to always be beautiful and at the top, is to like each other and love each other in every peculiarity and facet. And if a girl with more than 130 million followers says so, you can absolutely believe it.

Dua Lipa, extraordinarily unique

One would almost say “thank goodness that Dua Lipa exists”. And not only for the beautiful hits it gives us but also for its naturalness and ability to make anything extraordinary, from bicolor hair to hips dips. For those who, in fact, are not yet convinced of the luck that mother nature has given them, just look at some photos of Dua Lipa to immediately understand that yes, you too, like her, have a character that makes you truly unique.

hips dips dua lipa

It all lies in knowing how to value oneself in the correct way: with right workout and with clothing.

How to enhance hips dips with training

Green light to exercises such as:

  • squats, with or without weights;
  • leg raise;
  • lunges.

Perfect for tone the muscles legs and buttocks and enhance your hips dips (as well as doing great for your health and general well-being).

Kendall Jenner, hips dips and flawless style

It takes very little for the beautiful Kendal Jenner to enhance her hips dips. Tall and with a slender physique (and this shows how hips dips have nothing to do with accumulated fat as many think), Kendal can wear anything, always looking perfect and super stylish.

hips dips kendall jenner

Luck? Maybe. Surely the same that gave birth to hips dips and that, thanks to its impeccable taste, manages to make the most of. Making this detail of his body, super cool and perfectly harmonious with its physicality. A trait that, as in the case of Bella Hadid, makes her absolutely unique and one of the most sought after models of the moment.

In short, the reasons why you love your hips dips are so many as well as the women who never miss a chance to show them with pride and naturalness.

After all what could be better than that love your body and show it as it is. Simply and differently perfect.

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